Is The Ketogenic Diet Good For Endurance Athletes

Matt: Good morning, Family of Fast Matt Mosman, the Chief Endurance Officer over at EndurElite

Today, we're going to be talking about a hot topic, and that is the ketogenic diet More specifically, we're going to discuss what the ketogenic diet is, what happens from a metabolic perspective with the ketogenic diet, if it's a good fit for endurance athletes, and we're gonna cover some other random topics about the ketogenic diet Now, I'm no ketogenic expert, but I had an idea this morning where I could find one So I headed down to the gym, and I looked for the biggest, baddest bro dad And they're really, really easy to spot

They have really shaggy beards, broad shoulders, and meaty arms And I found this guy right here And I was like, "Dude, I will give you a five-pound tub of protein, if you tell me a little bit about the ketogenic diet" And to these guys, it's, like, pure gold But all kidding aside, this is your first chance to meet my partner at EndurElite and the EndurElite Chief Science Officer, Jordan Joy

Now, Jordan Joy has his PhD in nutrition, super smart guy and a ketogenic expert So the information you're gonna hear from him is gonna be true It's gonna be accurate

And it's not gonna be the usual bro science bullshit you usually hear about the ketogenic diet So without further ado, let's just hop into it All right, Jordan, explain to us what the ketogenic diet is Jordan: Little-known fact, I'm actually Matt's bodyguard, but he does pay me in protein So that part is accurate

Now, the ketogenic diet, it's any diet that actually induces ketosis or elevates blood ketones through a nutritional process that's not starvation, which would be the other kind of ketosis And then the third kind of ketosis would be metabolic ketoacidosis And all these are very distinct things So when we talk about a ketogenic diet, we're talking about nutritional ketosis, which is high fat, low carbohydrate, moderate protein Matt: So what kind of foods do people on a ketogenic diet typically eat, or what's some standard foods? Jordan: Bacon

Matt: Bacon Love me some bacon Jordan: Some of the most popular foods, bacon, really meats in general, dairy We still eat vegetables That's a little bit of a myth that vegetables are not eaten

Avocados are a big deal I recommend to everybody that starts a ketogenic diet to eat an avocado every day just for the fiber content It's the easiest way to get it Coconuts, nuts I eat a ton of peanut butter

Yeah, that about covers it Matt: Very nice So what does the macro-nutrient breakdown look on a ketogenic diet from your fats to carbohydrates to protein? Jordan: Okay So within the nutritional ketogenic realm, we're talking about nutritional ketosis We are looking to elevate blood ketones by manipulating our diet in a certain way

So there's different types of ketogenic diet that you could be consuming And that could be the therapeutic ketogenic diet or just, kind of, the origins of this way of eating, where we're inducing ketosis for a nutritional purpose that helps to treat some sort of disease, most popularly, epilepsy The most accepted use of the diet is for treatment of epilepsy seizures It's been more commonly accepted for treating diabetes, less so for heart disease but that's emerging, cancer, for certain types of cancer And in these types of diets, we're looking at, like, really, really high fact in some cases and sometimes 90%, 95%

And it, kinda, depends on the individual So when we're talking about epilepsy, for example, somebody might stave off their seizures with an 80%, 85% fat diet with 5%, 10%, 15% protein For people that it's harder to treat, they may be on a super high fat, pretty low protein diet and almost no carbohydrate whatsoever And then when you're talking about the average person, we're talking about at least 70% fat and 20% to 25% calories as protein and 5% to 10% as carbohydrate And we're gonna talk about something today that is a little bit more liberal

For an athlete's ketogenic diet, which is at this current stage, a little bit poorly defined, but athletes need a little bit more carbohydrate And you can actually maintain ketosis eating 200, 300 grams of carbs a day So we'll talk about that a little bit later in the video Matt: Awesome Okay

So basically, the breakdown is 70% fat, 20% protein, and 10% carb in a nutshell or pretty close to it Jordan: Yes, usually 70-25-10, or sorry, 70-20-10 or 70-25-5, or sometimes even 80-15-5, common Matt: Cool So the main thing is high fat, low carb, simply put So let's talk about a little bit what happens from the metabolic aspect with the ketogenic diet

Now, as endurance athletes, a lot of us are on a higher carbohydrate diet, and we get our energy from glucose and glycogen, but when you're on a ketogenic diet, things happen a little bit differently The ketogenic diet relies more on free fatty acids to produce energy So, explain, kinda, what happens from a metabolic perspective on the ketogenic diet that's specific to, like, endurance athlete energy demands Jordan: Yeah When we are taught energy metabolism, we're always taught that it's glycolysis

And that's true when it's anaerobic And that's what, you know, when you feel lactic acid that's anaerobic metabolism, end product's lactic acid When we go through aerobic metabolism, which is the most common, most prevalent type of metabolism for endurance-based exercise long-duration events, you can still derive energy form carbohydrates through first the anaerobic glycolytic pathway And then it goes into what's called the Krebs cycle When you are talking about ketogenic metabolism we're almost exclusively talking about aerobic metabolism to get in to the Krebs cycle and produce energy

Now, when we're going through anaerobic metabolism, we generate 4 ATP And when we're going through aerobic metabolism, we're generating more like 34, 36 ATP Matt: Got you Okay So what are the main fuel sources? What happens when the free fatty acids are broken down before they go into the Krebs cycle? There's two basically ketone cells that are made, correct? Jordan: Mm-hmm

So when we're going through the aerobic metabolism, there's an entry point that you go through, and it's called acetyl-CoA And you get that from either anaerobic or aerobic routes When we're having fat come in, we're taking these big long chains of fats several carbons long, 16, 18, 20 carbons, and they come in tothey want to become acetyl-CoA in order to get into this cycle What happens, we have a buildup of what are called ketones, beta-hydroxybutyrate or acetoacetate What happens when they're coming into the cycle is there's not enough room for them to get in We can't generate enough acetyl-CoA from these fats So we end up with an accumulation of these two-carbon to four-carbon molecules

And then they get released from the mitochondria for release from the cell And they can enter the bloodstream because that's when they're small enough to actually exit the cell Matt: Got you So a couple of points here, and this is a question I ask, Jordan, all the time, where do you think that threshold is where your body is able to utilize the fats from the ketogenic diet before it starts to shift to more anaerobic glycolysis, which can only use carbohydrates? I mean, what's, kind of, that inflection point? Does it differ between people? And then how do you accommodate for that? Like, if you're on a ketogenic diet and say you're gonna go do some interval training and it's gonna be, you know, 85% to 90% of your max heart rate, obviously, your body's not gonna be able to burn fat It wants to do carbs or glucose, glycogen

So what happens then, when you're on a ketogenic diet? Jordan: You feel flat and a little bit lethargic, like you're out of energy pretty much I'm sure we've all felt that way before, but when we're talking about, like, the spectrum of exercise, we have very short events So if you're doing just, like, a 40-meter sprint, if you just do one of those on the ketogenic diet, you probably won't feel any different because you have enough glycogen stored up You can still access it As long as you're exercising regularly, you're still accessing glycogen

You don't really forget how to use it And then when you're in a little bit longer, like, 3 minutes or 30 seconds to 2 minutes, you're gonnawhen you're doing intervals, for example, you'll definitely feel fatigued

And then even during the longer events, I think, even up to, like, marathon distance, if you're a very high-level athlete, I think you would feel impeded on a strict ketogenic diet, not the athlete's ketogenic diet, which is yet to be explored thoroughly, but then after a marathon a distance I think is when you would start to possibly experience benefits of a ketogenic diet Matt: So it sounds like the ketogenic diet is for endurance athletes You know, most of the people in the EndurElite Family of Fast are, kinda, long duration endurance athletes So they're racing for more than, like, 30 minutes and, you know, up to 6, 7, 8 hours So it sounds like to me, and I'm gonna make a couple points here, the ketogenic diet may be more beneficial the longer the event and maybe the lower intensity type events

Is that correct in my thinking? Jordan: That is correct Matt: So what does a person need to do say if they're doing a 5K, that's pretty short and intense, they're on a ketogenic diet, what can they do to make sure they have the energy to run their fastest? Jordan: Yeah So 5K, if you're running at a high level, you're gonna be under 20 minutes, for sure So if you just have enough carbohydrate before that event, I think that you would actually be okay Matt: And I think that's where a lot of people get confused is, like, on a ketogenic diet, like, you don't allow any carbs, but in this case, what Jordan is talking about, it's pretty beneficial, like, just to load up on carbs before a 5K, before you go to the race

And then you can go back to a higher fatwell, stick with the regular diet Just introduce carbs before a race, correct? Jordan: Yeah

And there's actually, like, a When we talk about carbohydrate periodization, we have an article up on EndurElite right now talks about this If you supply

and these people are not on a ketogenic diet, but if you supply carbohydrate before high-intensity events, and then restrict it for low-intensity long duration events, you actually have greater metabolic adaptation So a ketogenic diet, I think, it's just a tool, all right? A ketogenic diet is a tool to adapt your metabolism to different types of stress So even if you are a very high-level competitive athlete, you're gonna be carbohydrate-based throughout the season, maybe during the off-season, you go ketogenic for a couple months

And you just, kind of, force your metabolism to adapt for a little bit, it's not going to impact your performance negatively during the season because you're not on that type of diet, but perhaps you have greater capacity for fat oxidation or you can use fats a little bit higher intensity, generate a little bit less lactic acid, make your fuel sources last a little bit longer, and overall just become a better athlete Matt: Makes perfect sense So let's, kind of, move onto the next topic And I want to make one point here On a high carbohydrate diet as an endurance athlete, your body has about anywhere from 400 to 1,000 grams of glycogen stored in the muscle and depending on what type of athlete you are, which you'll draw on during these longer events, and that supplies the energy, but it's a limited supply

And that's why you have to replace through a carbohydrate supplementation during exercise to keep blood glucose levels elevated to have that energy to keep on going So what's really interesting is, like, with the ketogenic diet and being able to utilize fats, it almost represents an unlimited energy source Would you agree with that? Jordan: Yeah It's virtually unlimited You can store, even a lean person, 70,000 calories

So you're probably not gonna run out Matt: Yep So a lot more potential for energy You'd have an energy [inaudible 00:11:56] from the ketogenic diet, but with limitations depending on the duration and intensity So let's go back to that topic

As far as an endurance athlete being on a ketogenic diet, where do you see it being the most beneficial? Like, what type of events? I mean, I know we, kinda, touched on it before, but let's just discuss this real quick, who it might be best for as an endurance athlete and who it may not be best for? Jordan: Absolutely best for the ultra-endurance athlete, the longer-than-marathon distance, especially when you're talking about these very long events that are six plus hours long, would definitely reap the most benefit And I think for, like, track athletes, I don't think there's really a whole lot of benefit because they're purely anaerobic almost all the time Matt: Makes perfect sense So that, kinda, leads me to my next question What was my next question? So that, kinda, leads me to my next question

And it's, kind of, a tricky one Do you think a ketogenic diet is superior to a high-carbohydrate diet for endurance athletes? And let me just say this There's thousands of studies on high carbohydrates in endurance athletes And I would say, like, research studies that examine the ketogenic diet in endurance athletes are pretty sparse compared to the latter or the former, excuse me Jordan: Yeah

So I think one of the problems with the current state of the research on ketogenic diets is that we haven't examined it in the right context So we've always taken the therapeutic type of approach and then applied it to athletics And that doesn't work So I think that being in ketosis as a healthy individual is a little bit overrated And I say that as somebody who's been consuming a ketogenic-ish diet for the better part of the last five years

I say that as an athlete, obviously, not an endurance athlete, but, like, I've gone up toI've gone over 200 grams a day And I regularly eat over 100 grams a day carbohydrates

And I'm able to maintain ketosis at least most of the time And I've actually adapted How I define my own diet, I say I'm on a low carbohydrate diet that is sometimes ketogenic So I think for, in terms of which one is better for the general endurance athlete, I think if you're competitive, again, it's a tool It's something that we can use to modify our metabolism a little bit just to increase our metabolic flexibility

So even if it's something you're not comfortable with doing all the time, it's something that can be used when you're not competitive to increase your ability to oxidize fats, okay? Now, when we're talking about, if you were to want to use it during the season, I think that eating carbohydrate is an important part of that And I don't think that you should be concerned with being in ketosis all the time So if you have a high-intensity event or a high-intensity training session, I think you should eat carbohydrates because what you want from that session is performance What you want in your race is performance You don't want to be bogged down at all, but again, this is, kind of, just a more extreme model of that carbohydrate periodization

So instead of being high carb all the time and just kind of, like, temporally changing when and what types of carbohydrate you eat, it's just, like, a more extreme variation of that where you're more often low carb than you are high carb And sometimes you drift into ketosis Matt: Got you So I think the main point here is, like, most people think, like, ketogenic diet, you have, like, little to no carbs, but Jordan's basically saying that it's okay to have some carbs on the ketogenic diet as it relates, I mean, to performance Like I said before, the ketogenic diet by itself, high-intensity efforts

If you're not eating carbs, your performance may suffer, but if you introduce a little, you know I mean, how much would you say, like, on a daily basis would be appropriate? I know it's gonna differ from individual to individual Jordan: Definitely, activity dependent

So our great friend, Eric Serrano, says, "Carbohydrates are activity dependent" And that's very much true from a metabolic perspective Carbohydrates supply energy, and they don't do a whole lot else in the body So if you are at a higher volume, like I said, I am a power lifter so my reliance on carbohydrates is actually very limited because even when I'm weight training, I'm not getting into anaerobic ranges most of the time I'm usually using an ATP system

So I just have ATP available I use it I don't really need to generate it from carbohydrate that often So as an endurance athlete, obviously, you have a little bit of smaller body type, but I think even going up to 100 plus grams a day, even on my off days, I have 80 grams of net carbs And that's another point that we can talk about

I think you'd be pretty comfortably able to maintain some degree of ketosis and fat adaptation On the topic of net carbohydrates, that's subtracting fiber, subtracting sugar, alcohol because we're only considering the carbohydrates that are actually going to directly contribute to our ATP generation Matt: Makes sense Now, athletes on a ketogenic diet, should they consume the majority of their carbs right before their endurance workout do you think on a daily basis? Jordan: It's best used before and during, possibly after, depending on if you're gonna have another training session or you have very long sessions on back-to-back days, but before or during or both would be the best time And I should have mentioned this in the last segment

If you are trying to adapt onto a ketogenic diet, if you've never done it before, you absolutely need to go through four weeks of ketogenic dieting before you start to try trading carbohydrates What happens when you are not in ketosis and you haven't been in ketosis probably for your entire life, unless you went through a period where you weren't eating, when you try to adapt, you need to go full in You can't just, kind of, like, pussyfoot around and [crosstalk 00:17:51] Matt: Pussyfoot Jordan: You're not gonna get into it

You're just gonna end up being in limbo, and you're gonna be miserable You're gonna be somewhere between not adapting and, "Give me some carbohydrates now before I cut your head off" Matt: That's very true And from personal experience, which I'll get into in a second, like, when I tried ketosis for the first time, I felt like complete ass for the first three to four weeks Zero energy, headache, grumpy, angry

I just wanted to eat all the fucking carbs in the world, but I didn't do it I didn't do it So let's address one more point, and then we'll wrap it up A lot of people have asked about the health consequences of being on the ketogenic diet Like, a lot of people think, like, you know, high fat, you know

And that's the fricking devil Like, it's gonna cause coronary arteries and all these other negative health consequences So let's discuss, like, ketogenic diet and effects on health Jordan: Yeah So the ketogenic diet's not gonna kill you

And we actually, as humans, we're very adaptable So even just beyond that fact, fat's an essential nutrient Carbohydrates are not And I like to make that point I also like to say that fruits are vegetables with added sugar

People don't like that, but no, you'll see your insulin will go down Your blood glucose goes down You have much less risk of diabetes on a ketogenic diet Your blood lipids is, kinda sometimes, they get weird So for the first six months, you might see increases, but they tend to normalize after that You might see increases in the LDL fraction of your cholesterol, but you'll see big decreases in your triglycerides That's typical

And as far as, like, other health markers, people report, like, better mental clarity There are some studies in rats that show greater longevity, none of those in humans yet But overall, no negative health consequences And just another point, people who have kind of shifted over to the ketogenic lifestyle, so you're obviously very familiar with the carbohydrate-based individuals, and I'm very familiar with the ketogenic-based individuals, they think fat's evil And we think on this side that carbs are evil

And really, they're not evil at all They're just tools to get us to a certain point Matt: And we all know there is one thing that's evil, and that's sugar, but we'll talk about that later, just kidding All right, so we're gonna wrap this up I'm gonna tell you my personal experience on the ketogenic diet right now

Jordan convinced me to do it I don't know, about two years ago And he fully proclaims that I didn't do it right, but I know I did it right And I'm gonna tell you one thing, like, I'm, kinda, up in the air about the ketogenic diet quite honestly Like, when I was on it, you know, the long slow stuff I felt absolutely amazing, but when I got into, like, my higher intensity part, I'm training this season, you know, I fell flat on my face

And that may be my mistake too honestly as far as not carb loading on the frontend before doing my harder workouts, but for the time being, I'm a little bit of both I, kinda, do what Jordan does I, kinda, have a little bit more of a metabolic flexibility Some days I'll have higher fat, lower carbohydrates, and I'll periodize it, and that seems to work pretty well Jordan, anything else you want to add? Jordan: Well, just on that note, even the recommendations are starting to soften

And we see people, nutritionist- dieticians going above that 35% in calories from fat limit Matt: Very nice Well, there you have it, Family of Fast That is everything you need to know about the ketogenic diet as an endurance athlete If you have a buddy that's currently on a keto diet or is thinking about it, please share this video with them

If you want other videos like this on endurance training, nutrition, and supplementation, subscribe to the EndurElite YouTube channel or head on over to the EndurElite blog at wwwEndurElitecom Get social with us on Instagram and the Facebook training and nutrition club page And until next time

Together: Stay fueled, stay focused, stay fast Matt: And stay informed


Hey guys, welcome to my channel and welcome today 17 of my 30 days keto diet summer transformation challenge Today, we're gonna have a taco night So I'm gonna show you my keto cheese shell taco recipe so you want to keep watching It's almost 1 o'clock

So it's time to break our fast so I'm gonna make some quick lunch I baked some keto bread yesterday So if you didn't see that I have a recipe so I'm gonna link it in the description down below and let's get the lunch started And this is what's for lunch today Mmm, it was a great lunch this Akita brought if you didn't try it yet You should it's really good I like it You can make sandwiches with it or just have it like I did with the egg and have it on the side now I'm gonna make a second cup of coffee and we have some other stuff to do I am later on I think we're gonna do some a grocery haul I'm making the iced coffee I mentioned in my other vlog that we bought this of vanilla sugar free syrup to make my passion Tango Keto pink drink, but this time I'm gonna use it in my coffee just a little bit I'm gonna add about half of a tablespoon of whipping cream and To make it a super treat I'm gonna top it with this spray one So guys you can ask me again if Kira is a sustainable diet Well, hell, yes Who wouldn't want to drink a sweet coffee with whipping cream almost every day and map gaining weight It's amazing guys We ran into a grocery store to pick up a couple of stuff

We went to Walmart Usually we go to all these to pick up our meats and cheeses as it's generally a little cheaper But we just didn't have so much time So just quick a run in to Walmart for most of our vegetables So I'm gonna show you what I got I get these three means we have always a problem to find a good one Which would be fresh These are really beautiful really greeny So I'm probably gonna make some string beans Casserole and just make it also inside with some bacon and and with some barbecue chicken Let me get a couple of carrots our carrots are generally higher in carbs So you're gonna be a really careful videos, but I like to add them into my tuna or chicken salad So I cut those and whatever leftovers our a little or rabbit will eat sheet Love those Then I got the broccoli slaw We left this just on its own or adding it into stir Fry's or you can also put some mayonnaise in it or Thousand Island Dressing and has it as a side dish We also picked up some sour cream as tonight is the taco night

And I also like adding this kind of Packages with the ranch powder in it to mix it up with a little water and then dip your vegetables in it It's great as a snack I also get some alfredo sauce I didn't have it for a long time I would like to make with some a creamy chicken with mushrooms and maybe some cauliflower This one has two carbs in a quarter cup, so it's really not bad then I got something like our lift sauce artists are a great source of good healthy fat You can snack them just on its own or you can add them into a salad I got this Thousand Island dressing This is a little higher in carpets for carbs for two tablespoons But if you go a little sparingly with it I love this thing with my barbecue chicken and that the vegetables we got is an asparagus We loved it just grilled with the butter and the lemon or just steamed Some spring onion I love spring onion in my egg drop soup and basically onto everything Just to make the meal look prettier and greener I got some extra cucumber I want to I'll slice it up with mandolin peeler and make a little sushi with some avocado

I've also picked up some Shirataki those are the miracle noodles with zero carbs I also made a recipe already with these Doing a spaghetti carbonara I'm gonna link it in the description so you can check it out and this time I'm not sure really what I'm gonna use it with but probably some amazing pasta recipe Then I get some a pure vanilla extracts just that I have at home for some good Keto deserts and cheesecakes and stuff then we get some blueberries these were a great price and they are a great source of antioxidants and Then we got some strawberries as well And because we got so much fruit we like this a whipping cream just to have your fruit and tapenade whipping cream and shred a little a Low-carb lillies chocolate on it and it's an amazing quick dessert This one is just one card for two tablespoons and that's it for today's kyoho We didn't buy any meat as I said We're gonna go to all these for that and I'm gonna show it to you when we do What I wanted to mention and give you a little tip and advice is when you buy an asparagus how to store it properly is if you take your a Tupperware or a glass where it doesn't matter and just put a little water like inch or two and Stick them in it cover it with a little plastic bag and you put it in your fridge and that way it's gonna stay fresher way or longer and another great tip when you buy a strawberries how to keep them fresher for a longer period of time you would put three parts of water and one part of white vinegar into some pot and dipped in in For a couple of seconds and then let them dry and they gonna stay fresher longer Give it a try today I'm skipping my snack It's late

And I'm gonna already start the dinner When I eat eggs and avocados, it just keeps me satisfied for so long So I really wasn't hungry So I'm skipping my snack so I'm gonna dip the berries in to the vinegar and 1/2 cup of water and half a cup of white distilled vinegar Lemon that's it The vinegar will help kill any mold which might occur I'm gonna drain them and wash them up You don't want to let them sit in the vinegar for too long as the vinegar would actually suck out all the pretty strawberry red color Yeah, same I will do with the blueberries you want to use a little paper towel and put it back into the Tupperware which it came from and once the blueberries and the strawberries are dry I'm gonna move them here and the paper towel actually helps it to keep the moisture out and they will stay fresh or water I'm not the only one who loves blueberries Ginger does that too? I'm gonna try it What is it no more it's high in cops, you can't have that Hmm so I'm gonna start preparing the taco shells using a chair cheese and I'm gonna fry them in the pan So I got my cheddar cheese I'm preheating the pan I'm gonna be using about Water cop less than a quarter cup for a taco So I'm gonna make a smaller taco shells probably like four or five If you want to see a detailed video how to make a tackle shells I already made a video like that So I'm gonna link it in the description down below so you can check it out And here it is all set up I cooked the beef with some taco seasoning I made on my own I have some shredded lettuce the taco shells I made some sour cream some jalapeno peppers and some homemade guacamole Let's just al qaida tomato lemon juice and some red onion and we're gonna fill it up and enjoy it How was the tagesschau Man those were good

No, I swear I would prefer those over the corn ones any day Those are so good And I hate to have the crunchy corn ones You bite it and the whole thing falls apart these like actually really maintain their shape These cheese taco shells are so filling very fatty really satisfying Oh, wow, ask me again If kiddo is a sustainable diet I'm so full That probably when I even skip tonight's dessert

What is Rob doing? Oh, we got some leftover Just can't leave it alone Just pop it all in one ball May heat all Frankie and just dig it in with the spoon my little salad Taco nights are always a good night We ate it all There's nothing left Rob actually mixed up everything of us left in one bowl as Rousseau and just like lick it off the spoon Yeah, it would be no waste no waste I told you eat cheap So What do we got to do guys? It's time to wrap up this video So yes what we gotta do the most important thing Let's do it a little close halt if you wonder why did I change clothes three times today? Well, I just got this little homey Dress at Walmart for like $10 So I just have to put it on because I think it's a packet What is my pan? Day 17 of our 30 days keto diets our transformation challenge is done Thank you guys so much for watching this video It does really mean a lot to us Please if you did like it give it a thumbs up and don't forget to subscribe because we will be back tomorrow for day 18 Until then good night You


hey guys welcome to my channel and welcome today eighteen of my 30 days keto diet summer transformation challenge today is a beautiful day and it's also our day off so we went in the morning and we about to take our kayak again on wiki Bucky a river so I packed some a lunch with us when it's time to eat it I'm gonna show you what I bring with I'm really excited because I love paddling and kayaking and the water in general is like super hot here in Florida so we're about to have a beautiful day guys we finally in the destination and the current is not strong yet so we want to paddle as far as we can and then we're gonna stop and have some lunch I'm gonna show you what I packed on the road I'm gonna burn some calories today and I'm gonna show you my boat and in the water on Weeki Wachee River nice huh this is like Airbnb heaven right look at these houses I've picked some salami ham and cheese with little mayo and I've wrapped it in some lettuce leaves and some cherry tomatoes I made two for myself and three for Rob and then I brought some string cheese as well so we're gonna enjoy some lunch and put some more paddling in that's $120 we spent or actually it was a santa clauss bath we love it guys we back home it was a lot of paddling and we spent about six hours there it was a lot of Sun so we completely shot we actually took a 30 minutes catnap and now I just made some iced coffee before we gonna start doing the dinner this is my little afternoon treat I put some sugar-free vanilla in it and I topped it with some whipping cream and um and I'm gonna really enjoy that I need the caffeine oh he got so nice to end today it was very sunny Angus while we were home he came back home and after catnap and stuff and actually start pouring rain again now we are ready to start the barbecue i marinated the chicken up previously in the morning so it had a many hours in the fridge just chilling and soaking in all the awesome flavors I'm gonna show you what I typically use as a marinade I am using an olive oil I'm always adding this buffalo wing sauce just to give it a little kick always adding a soy sauce and I finally got this sugar free barbecue you can see my a previous grocery haul and my previous vlog and this one is amazing so I added this one in my marinade as well and I never forget I'll put some little splash of this liquid smoke it gives the meats just amazing a smoky flavor and we really love it and I just whisk it up and put the chicken in there chicken doesn't need marinating for too long couple hours is fine even two hours if you have at least but that's just enough and with the chicken I'm gonna make some string beans today so these are the string beans I showed it to you in yesterday's mini haul so you can go see it as well these are really nice it's like a two pound bag so we better eat a lot of string beans but this is gonna be amazing and I'm gonna cook them in I chopped three slices of bacon so I'm gonna fry it up and cook it along with the string beans and that's gonna be the side dish oh look at this guys when it rains over here we actually got ourselves a little river here on our own in our backyard I was just saying that we always went to the rains get this little river behind our trailer and I was just thinking that maybe next time we don't have to take it a boat and go to the real River we could maybe just pop it in the backyard and it's a little training there nice rainbow in the backyards at 18 I told him to get hop on that rainbow and get get the part with the money but say he can't make it I've marinated four chicken breasts so – we gonna have for dinner and so we gonna have for tomorrow so we can have some leftover or some salad or just some veggies on side that was super delicious that are very easy like you know by now that we really love to grill outside too not making our camper any hotter so we do really enjoy the scrolling season and there's nothing better than just have a piece of grill meat with some size veggies and if you add the bacon in it that's just like top well we're gonna wrap up today's video it was a busy very funny day for us and let's just do the last think we gotta do guys I obviously can't keep track at this challenge goes by so fast that I even in the morning told you that it's day 17 but it's actually day 18 and it's officially over thank you guys so much for watching today's video I hoped you liked it don't forget to give it a thumbs up and don't forget to subscribe if you didn't do so yeah goodnight you

Keto for beginners. How to start Keto!!

Hi everybody, I just wanted to make this really short Video because I've had so many people ask me about the keto diet how it works how they can get started And it's really super easy It's a high fat diet Moderate protein Low carbs no more than 20 grams a day zero sugar You want to eat grass-fed? meats grass-fed and organic meats And butters and Cheeses, you'll want everything grass-fed and organic because keto is not just about losing weight Although you can lose a lot of weight quick

It's about being healthy and In order for your body to be healthy you need to get all the toxins out from all the carbs and sugars that you've been eating over the years and all the additives and preservatives They've been putting in our foods for years and that's what keto helps you do what helps your body get rid of all of that by sticking to high fat quality meats bacon pork sausage steak Avocados Nuts like macadamia and pecans have the highest fat so they're better for you and they have the lowest carbs and It sounds difficult, but really there's a whole keto Facebook page with keto recipes And you can literally make a new recipe make a new dinner and plan every night for months with all the different recipes They have and the great thing about keto it's not like when you're eating carbs and sugar when you're eating high fat quality foods and vegetables You're gonna want to eat till you're full But I promise you after you eat till your full You're not gonna be hungry for hours Whereas when you eat a normal meal with carbs and all the hidden sugars behind the carbs Like two hours later you want to snack with keto you're not gonna want to snack you're gonna be so full because that's what The fats do they keep you fuller longer and they're good for you And your body starts adapting to the fat and this starts using your own body fat as a fuel source Instead of the carbs and sugars you've been eating So The great thing also about it is that you no longer have to count calories Oh I hated that counting calories and Counting and keeping tracking your macros keeping track of your macros such a pain in the butt if you don't know what keeping track of your macros is it's keeping track of how much fat carbs and Protein you're eating that was such a hassle My husband and I have been eating healthy and working out for months since I think we started around April 2018 Our weight would go up and down sometimes we lose a lot Sometimes we gain a few pounds here and there it was never consistent and our calorie counting system Was and our tracking our macros It was so difficult because I always had to figure out What I can make for dinner The ounces the amount the cups all that just, It was just a hassle It was a big hassle

Whereas with keto you don't have to keep track of any of that You just eat high fat meats Good quality meats a lot a lot of veggies cheese Nuts and seeds and You just feel fuller for a lot longer and it's a lot less stressful and you'll see the weight fall off quickly and It's amazing It's good for you It's healthy The carbs and sugars You'll crave them for a while But after a couple weeks maybe even less depends on how much carbs and sugars you eat But the cravings will be gone like looking at carbs and sugars You'll still think ooh, that looks good but You'll be able to control your cravings a lot lot easier Snacking will be a thing a history because After you eat your meal from all the fats and the veggies you'll be so full that you won't even think about a snack for hours We also do keto with intermittent fasting which is a whole nother video if you don't know what intermittent fasting is you can always YouTube it or you could stay tuned and I'll post a video all about it and how it works Let's see what else I mean, it's just amazing you save a lot of money you don't drink any more sodas You don't go to Starbucks anymore You try not to eat out to dinner I have been cooking more than I ever have before We eat out less a lot less And it's just been amazing I've Met my goal weight and so is my husband and five short weeks We were eating healthy working out before four months and it was up and down up and down and we never we're nowhere near our goal weight and with it within five short weeks of keto we've both exceeded actually our goal weights and It's been amazing and we're just gonna keep sticking to it not to keep losing weight But just stay healthy because I feel great your Energy's high You're in a better mood Improves your memory It just has so many great benefits, which I'll do a video on that too, but Keto's been amazing I do have cheat sheets on foods You can eat and foods, you can't so if anybody wants those leave your email address in the comment And I'll be more than happy to email it to you

If you have any questions leave them in the comments Or text me message me Facebook me and I'll be more than happy to answer your questions, but Keto is amazing If you want to know all the science behind it and how it works I Highly recommend you either go to Netflix or YouTube And watch the movie the magic pill it's an eye-opener and it really is our government I don't even want to start about our government and how its Brainwashed us into eating sugars and carbs and making us think it's good for us when it's really really not But um, thank you for tuning in More videos are coming I'm going to do one about intermittent fasting Another one about how to lose belly fat Best exercises to get six-pack ABS I'm gonna have a whole series so stay tuned subscribe I like my videos share my videos and hit that little bell button Which is a notification button by the subscribe button so you can get all my future videos Thanks for tuning in and please let me know if you have any questions


How to make Keto Poha keto diet receipe Indian Keto Snacks#ketopoha#ketoreceipe

welcome to shelatkars kitchen keto poha keto receipe i will show you 50 gms chopped onion 10-20 gms groundnuts 2 chopped green chilles curry leaves curry leaves 250 gms cauliflower cut flower in pieces i had made pieces now i grind it just crush it i had made crush of cauliflower add pan on gas put groundnuts n roast it roast it nicely now i am adding 2-3 tablespoon butter u can add ghee or olive oil after heating the buteer add mustered seeds add mustered seeds add cumin seeds cumin seeds after popping cumin n mustered seeds add curry leaves n chilles stir it add onion into it add termeric powder add salt as per taste mix it well let them cook now add cauliflower into it cauliflower is our poha its taste like poha mix it well add little water into it mix it well let it cook for a minute put lid of the pan for a 2 minutes after 2 minutes our keto poha is rready its so yummy its simple to make it who follows keto diet should must try this keto poha if u like my video share it comment it subscribe it i am thankful to all who already subcribed my channel thanks a lot for watching my video Thanks once again


hey guys welcome to my channel and welcome today 19 of 30 days keto diet transformation challenge it's about 12 o clock we have a lot of work to do so we heading out to Starbucks as usual have some coffee and we probably gonna have a lunch out so I'm gonna show you what you can get on a keto diet when you're on to go yes we have the work for today done and we decided to try the five guys today so let's make the order here is the faking of the bunless burger in the bulb it some extra lettuce some pickles or the Riley shoes and how many developing you know a lot of things in the end mushrooms jalapenos jalapenos bacon very so many things going on in this amazing oh yeah sitting in work you can start back some and Margaret I heard little bacon bacon with may of with relish regular mustard on the end with jalapeno feathers extra dice pickles Tomatoes growth Filipinos green peppers and Rob actually has extra patties otherwise the same order it was delicious hey guys we back from our working at Starbucks having awesome watch at Five Guys and we actually stopped at Ollie's which which I told you yesterday that we still need to pick up some other groceries so I'm gonna now show you our grocery haul we've picked up some wild caught salmon these are frozen Phyllis there are four of them awesome deal for four dollars I just like to have them in the freezer if I don't have time cooking and I just want something quick and healthy I just take it out it's thaw it and sing it takes about ten minutes and then you can have an amazing lunch or dinner we got this pork loin which was dull 89 a pound I just like to cut it into about inch big pieces as a steak size and I use it on a grill or you can even cut it into cubes and make some whatever sauces you wish to just a great piece of fatty meat then we got this Black Angus top sirloin I'm probably gonna make a shish kabob tonight with some mushrooms onion and peppers and zucchinis and a leftover of that will be maybe a steak we'll see how long this goes now we got black forest ham will like it on sandwiches obviously Kherson which is gorgeous as well roll-ups with some salami and pickles and speaking of salami is this genuine salami is great for those roll-ups or just to spread a little cream cheese and rolling it up great snack and you never had enough salami so we have this hard salami which are these bite-sized they great rap like them with hard-boiled eggs so you can have them just like that or just the snake on a great high fat snack I got this small cocktail sausages I don't I'm gonna do with them yet I'll probably can make a shish kabob with those or jalapeno poppers or just have them as a snack with hard-boiled egg we'll see then I have this xxx snack sausages sticks which are also great just on the go you can put it in your pocketbook into a little ziplock and when you were hungry on the go or at work you can snack on those they great Rock picked up this smoked sausage as I mentioned already he loved his sausage with hardball eggs as his afternoon snack and then I got this ground turkey this is a great deal it's about two dollars at all these and I like to make a meatballs or you can make your breakfast muffins egg muffins with these and there is a lot of things a lot of variety you can use this sausage for so we picked up one of these okay that's a it for the meat section and let's move on to the dairy get some shredded sharp cheddar we like it as I'm making it chips or making a taco shell so it has a lot of variety you can pop it on your morning eggs so it's always good to have one back then we got some sliced monster cheese for sandwiches or roll-ups with ham and salami then we picked up some Colby jack a string cheese this one is actually the first time we trying this one it's just good to have it when you don't really have a time or you don't know what to grab as a snack to take with Rob likes to take it to work obviously never forget your grass-fed cabbie gold butter and I wanted to try this marinade it's mozzarella it's marinated in crushed peppers and the garlic just sliced up with some tomatoes as an afternoon snack or a little salty dessert and I picked up my favorite mozzarella rolled up with prosciutto I like to snack on this at night while I'm watching some movie heavy whipping cream which we use in our coffee so I use it to make my desserts and also the keto pink drink homemade version and dozen of eggs you know that I like to make everything from scratch and at home at all kind for that but today I actually end up picking it this cauliflower rice because it was on sale for dollar 80 so I just figured that sometimes I just want to have it in the freezer take it out with no work maybe bit the settlement that would be a great combo when we're running late or you just don't feel like cooking great to have it in the freezer for bedtimes moving on to our greens we picked up dollar twenty-nine whole bag of spinach all the rocks then I got romaine lettuce I find out that that's kind of lettuce and spinach or kale last the longest and I gotta be honest with you my bunny loved this one the most so I gotta get this one two bags of mushrooms I'm gonna use it for my shish kabob and I like to use it with even like an alfredo sauce and fake pasta shirataki so two of those right on the end fresh kabob and also we like red onion on our sandwiches or salads it just adds more color it's more fun than the regular onion I got six avocados we eat about an avocado a day on its own or with eggs or I'm making desserts out of a there is a ladder use so we have at least six for the for the week then we got these colored peppers I'm gonna use it for the shish kabob and also we like it in just like a stir-fry with some chicken or pork let me get two grape tomatoes I like grape tomatoes to put them in a salad because when you chop the regular tomato it just kind of gets a nice oh this is a better option or just like a snack to dip it into some sour cream I also picked up one eggplant I was thinking that I may use it as a fake pasta with alfredo sauce and mushrooms so one eggplant and if you watch my videos you know that I kind of have this little cookie fetish so I picked up a new organic coffee we have the blender so we blend our own fresh ground coffee and so this one is a para one so new coffee almost forgot we picked up to try out this garlic dressing because this one has zero carbs and zero sugar and 140 calories in two tablespoons 16 grams was fat so this one I think will be awesome on my cell instead of like a ranch dressing or also just to dip your barbeque chicken in it so we're gonna try this one out and let you know how did we like it I'm cute diet we kind of starting to experience a little constipation we're gonna make a completely separate video about that topic and that problem but we were really looking for some great key or fiber supplement they didn't have the one we want it so we kind of had to go with this amazing quest bars they are I have like six of them I got cinnamon roll I got chocolate peanut butter I got the s'mores and chocolate chip cookie dough and another s'mores because my darling doesn't want to share it with me so they claim they have just four grams net carbs and 14 grams of fiber you should kind of consume about 30 grams or 25 to 30 grams of fiber a day and on keto diet it's sometimes really hard to knit so this baby is gonna help it and it's a nice treat or dessert we ordered our Akito fiber a supplement they didn't have it in stock so it's gonna come next week we're gonna test it out for you and then let you know how'd it work and how did we like it and that's it for today's grocery haul alright guys so we had a lot of running around shopping keto holing and I am just a little hungry from that and I'm just gonna have two hard-boiled eggs with some little pepper and some slices of Cabasa and I like to put them together like this that's good that's yummy we also got this published sodas there are no artificial sweeteners and they are good if you're just tired of drinking plain water it's a nice change in those are grapefruit they also good with vodka but you know how it goes I'm not hungry yet for a snack so I'm just making some coffee and the whipping cream skies are gonna be my snack so we also bought ourselves some soccer balls so we thinking about getting some little exercise and chasing the ball it's actually like this multi-purpose ball you can use it even for like a volley ball so we're gonna have some fun if it ever stops raining guys you've heard the word shish kebab in today's video a lot and that's because I'm gonna be making some for tonight so I have 250 grams of beef i cubed it and i make a little marinade using some pepper some liquid smoke some extra-virgin olive oil some onion powder a little bit of sugar-free honey barbecue sauce and some soy sauce and I just placed it in I'm gonna mix it up and put it in the fridge for about three hours before I'm ready to do the shish kebabs okay so the meat is in the fridge and now I just prepared all the veggies which is gonna go on my gosh kabob I chopped some zucchinis some mushrooms I have some three color bell peppers and what else we have here our red onion I just put some our extra virgin olive oil in there I'm gonna use a little bit of pepper and some Oregon leaves and mix it all up I'm gonna let it chill until we're ready to assemble turkish kebab and grill so all the flavors okay and this is how it looks like all put together I use some little cherry tomatoes and this is a beautiful rainbow color shish kebab so we are ready to put them on the ground okay guys this is the dinner looking for 1840 amazing the raw red this shish kebab like tell them it was so okay it was so good way I wanted to make it really pretty that's why Miz is like a rainbow thing but I'm gonna show you in another video that if you wanted to make it more functional we will actually want to put the meat with the tomatoes because they cook the fastest and then the vegetables on a separate shish kebab because the zucchini were a little tender still and the meat almost overcooked we still enjoyed it it looked pretty it's great for my Instagram pictures but next time and how you want to make it is really separate them for you know how fast everything cooks now it's time to have a little dessert for today's dessert we have some strawberries and blueberries from our previous keelhaul which you can go and watch after this video and I'm just gonna top it with some heavy whipping cream and maybe a little lillies chocolate and that's gonna be it for today I might throw some flax seeds on she's a little more fiber than the flax seeds yeah or chia seeds as well is the poopy guy right yeah amazing dessert if you love fruit and you're missing fruit on Keo diet definitely get yourself some berries and put some whipping cream on it a lot of chocolate or even nuts or a little peanut butter whatever you prefer it's amazing dessert well I'm gonna wrap up today's video so let's do the most important thing day 19 of this 30 days keto diet transformation challenge is ova thank you guys so much for watching today's video I hoped you liked it and you to find some inspiration and some good keto meals ideas if you did give it a thumbs up and don't forget to subscribe because we still have 11 days to go so do not miss it and until then good night


hey guys welcome to my channel and welcome today 20 of my 30 days keto diet summer transformation challenge my channel is all about healthy lifestyle keto and low carb recipes ideas and tips so if that's something you interested you might want to consider subscribing it's 1 o'clock so I'm ready to break my fast and I'm gonna throw together some easy quick lunch so I've got some romaine lettuce some avocados some cherry tomatoes the grilled chicken from previous night and some red onion gonna eat this for ginger and this is my salad guys I added 1/2 of ounce of goat cheese and some walnuts and also a little bit of Thousand Island dressing and I'm gonna go dig in hey guys it's Rob I just clocked out for lunch and I just wanted to show you what I brought with me I'm actually really excited about today's lunch wait do you see this so I got my salad here we got some chicken that we barbecued the other day so we cut up some chicken barbecue chicken in here with some avocado grape tomato I got a hard-boiled egg there's some flax seeds in here to add some more fiber spinach leaves some red onion and some chopped cucumber I have a sun-dried tomato salad dressing that's organic by simply nature I love that dressing and we have the 90-second keto bread with some ham and cheese and some mayo I have my quest bar this bar has less than 4 grams net carbs but it has 16 grams of fiber so I really got it for the fiber content when you cut out things like wheat bread and whole wheat pasta we used to eat that a lot but now on the keto diet we had to really cut all that stuff out so we had to figure out ways to add fiber to our diet this is what's for lunch it's 5 o'clock so I'm feeling a little hungry so I'm gonna grab some snack today I pick this turkey snack sausages so one of them is 45 calories 3 fat and less than a 1 gram of total cards so I'm gonna have three of those we pick them up at all these yesterday if you want to see that grocery haul you can go watch my yesterday's blog I'm gonna link it in the end of this video and in the description down below so you can go check that out these are really great to just take them with you to work or on-the-go you just put them in a ziplock and throw them in your bag and they really always come handy yes I'm getting my daily dosage of love for my little cutest ever Bonnie I'm still a little hungry so I'm gonna make myself a snack number to you today we bought yesterday taste fresh marinated mozzarella this one it's in herbs and some red peppers it has a little kick to it so it is a little spicy but absolutely delicious so I'm gonna have one ounce of that and I'm probably gonna defrost some salmon and make some string beans with it for dinner this is how my key do mini fridge looks like we went food shopping yesterday so I made this keto whole video as a part of my vlog so if you didn't see it go watch the vlog day and 19 and you will see all stuff we got but this is pretty full doesn't it look amazing look how many days you and I have already been through together here I have to say it's been a little challenging to film every day and most of it to edit every day a new video for you so you can follow along on this journey me and my husband are taking but it's rewarding as I'm getting a lots of nice encouraging comments on my Instagram and on YouTube so really thank you guys so much for watching and for supporting us it really does mean a word to us I don't know if you guys know but a little bit of my dieting background me and my husband we actually previous keto we've been almost two years on vegan lifestyle so this switch was a pretty harsh as you know incorporating again dairy and meat was a little harsh from the beginning but now we're getting a used to it a little more and we have a little constipation problems here and there we need to up our fiber we're gonna make a separate video about this topic we are testing some new keto fiber supplements so we're gonna let you know how that worked I'm also planning on to making a video about me being vegan and why I quit being vegan and also comparing the vegan diet to a keto diet and which I think it's better or more sustainable so you may want to consider subscribing to my channel so you don't miss those videos and hit the bell button so you get notified when I upload it almost eight o'clock so it's time to start the dinner so I'm having my string beans I cut them into smaller pieces and I'm gonna steam them first and I get a two fillets of salmon I'm just gonna put some salt and pepper and lemon and I'm gonna cook them up in the butter my string beans are done so I'm gonna drain the water and put them back in the pot I'm gonna put half of a tablespoon in a pot and I'm gonna use about a quarter cup of almonds and I'm gonna fry them up a little bit then I'm taking again a half of a tablespoon of butter and we'll put it in my frying pan and I'm gonna start frying up the salmon and here it is fried salmon with some battery 11 almond stream beans it was amazing satisfying dinner I did really love the combo of the pattern of lime and almonds in my stream beans obviously did the fish wasn't the best under the Sun because it was previously frozen but it still was good and it took me altogether like 10 minutes top I think it too grew up a longer time to do the dishes that mean they're cooking how do you feel about that we bought some fresh strawberries and blueberries yesterday so I'm gonna take them again and put some whipped cream on it and some chocolate and that's gonna be today's dessert so I brewed myself some tea and those are my berries already are ready to be topped with some whipping cream so let's wrap up this video and cross the day of the list day 20 of our 30 days keto diet summer transformation challenge is over thank you guys so much for watching today's video I hoped you liked it if you did give it a thumbs up and thank you for your support and I'm gonna see you again tomorrow good night

Farmers Market Haul!! & KETO Diet Essential Ingredients!!

hey guys Geneva Maria here and today I did mine grocery shopping for the week which includes Trader Joe's Whole Foods and farmers market so I'm going to show you everything that I got and then just pick out a few things talking about and why I love them so much I always start at the farmers market you buy local there you get one season and you get really great prices I sometimes we find dairy products there from butter and ice cream and yogurt and also meat it's really great to see the farmers in person and get that rapport with them know where your food comes from which I think it's really important in today's day and age so I'll show you everything I got like I said I'm planting a few specific items and why I love them this is my farmers market hall today got some cilantro some organic Tomatoes nectarines amazing looking strawberries organic blueberries and renier cherries and I even got some ground beef all-natural pasta raised which means it's grass-fed beginning to finish so that's really good for you as you're making threes and there so if you're going to eat beef which I really do but when you do grass-fed and local is definitely the way to go okay so then I also went to Whole Foods and Trader Joe's so a few things I want to point out from Trader Joe's is this awesome or rice cauliflower it's frozen so you don't have to use it quickly but it's use heat it in the skillet for about 2 minutes with some olive oil season it the way you like and it's a great rice substitute especially for those people who are the keto diet I'm not but I like to pretend I am sometimes great thing that I got at Trader Joe's are these amazing cotton candy grapes if you've never had them you need to they literally taste like cotton candy it's insane my kids I love them eat them up let's see that's it for Trader Joe's let's move on to Whole Foods everyone thinks that Whole Foods is more expensive but this is just not sure you can find some really great sucker that's great priced so today I got these their little broccoli bites and I make them for my one-year-old daughter and they were on sale which also means being a prime member I got an extra 10% off and also at Whole Foods they now carry these rice cauliflower blends so it's already pre-seasoned with vegetables I got to do is heat up in the skillet and there you got an amazing side dish there meets apartment they make their home made sausage there they're six bucks I got three that will feed my family with a side of this cauliflower rice BAM you're done I like to take the sausage out of the casing that way I don't have any of that extra mend pork product is just the meat inside and I put in a skillet and it's delicious also I absolutely love their pre packaged salads they're about 550 but you get your whole lunch right there and I'm a busy mom of two so anything that can help me eat healthy on the go it's a plus and then also these tortillas they're made with coconut flour so actually their carbohydrates come from oh this is actually cost of flour sorry and coconut flour and coconut oil and that's it and they're amazing put a little cheese on them and make your tacos and you're good to go and one more thing that I want to point out that I my family absolutely cannot live without is these packets they are essential in my household my son is four and he's the pickiest eater you've ever met so these have spinach in them he doesn't know that of course but he eats these on the go as well at friend these are from Trader Joe's and they're really cheap compared to other brands and again organic and vegetables and fruit moma go alright great thanks for stopping in my channel today and if you liked what you saw go and hit the subscribe button in the leg button I'll be doing a lot more of this show I'm gonna grocery shopping buy what I do with it and why it's such a great deal or why it's healthy and how you can really feed a family of four healthy we and on a great budget and local and fresh who doesn't want that alright thanks guys bye


hey guys welcome to my channel and welcome today 21 of my 30 days keto diet summer transformation challenge it's almost 2 o'clock I'm ready to break my fast and make myself some quick lunch as I am really busy today what Casey doesn't really care that I am busy if he just wants to play I'm heating up these two unclear turkey Franks one of them is 110 calories in less than one car I'm steaming hundred grams of broccoli to go with it I'm gonna fry up one egg and when the broccoli is done I'm just gonna top it with some of Kerrygold butter to add up the fats a little bit more and that's what's for lunch today um can't wait it again hey guys this is Rob I just checked out from lunch and I wanted to show you what I brought for tonight so today just very simple I just made some lettuce wrap kind of boats here we got some grape tomatoes inside ham Munster cheese and there's a little Thousand Island dressing I have two of those and I have an egg with some salami for a snack and I have half a chocolate cookie dough quest bar and I did promise IVA that we would be sharing the quest bar so this is gonna be the hardest part of the week and sharing quest bars with each other neither of us had to keen on that but yesterday we had the the s'mores one which I absolutely loved it's so delicious the s'mores one I can't wait to try the cookie dough I'll let you know how it is and we had the chocolate peanut butter one I wasn't too crazy about that one that one just kind of tasted like goo yeah the the s'mores one was much better so that's what my lunch was really good and really simple I really like keeping my meals simple I think that this way is the whole new lifestyle more sustainable I do still like to come up with some new recipes and creations to make more videos for you and I do love to experiment but on my daily basics and weekdays I really like to keep it simple and just go with what I have in the fridge and just really not overthink it and that way I actually am able to stay on track I'm gonna try this more of wesbar with my afternoon coffee or Anna does only have hundred and ninety calories and four grams of net carbs so I'm gonna munch on that I'm excited to try it out okay guys can we talk about this quest bar well I saved the cover well this s'mores quest bar was absolutely delicious I was actually able to eat just a half as it's super super sweet so I just put some in out the other half in a ziploc and I'm gonna have it it's like a time when I feel like something sweet no like seriously guys you gotta give this a try if you haven't so yet because they are so so good and if you're into sweets this one really gonna do it for you I get a little bit hungry so I've decided I'm just gonna chop a half of an avocado and put some a little pink salt on it and just eat it on its own oh I know a lot of you guys do not like avocados or are still like asking questions what's the best way to eat it sometimes I make a chocolate mousse or it's also good to just bake it in the oven and crack an egg in it but I do love it the most eating it on its own let me know in the comments down below what's your favorite way to eat avocados and give me some more tips how I should try the next it's almost 8 o'clock so it's time to start the dinner I wasn't really feeling hungry or feeling like cooking today so the dinner will be really easy and simple I got 4 slices of pork sirloin and I beat them up a little bit to make them little thinner and then I got my asparagus which I will wrap in bacon for the pork I'm using some salt we're gonna flip them over and do the same thing from the other side I got mass progress and I'm gonna wrap a couple of those in to a bacon I'm stretching the bacon a little bit as I roll and what I do is I use a little toothpick just to pin it on the end of the bacon so as it grows or baked it's not gonna unwrap because the bacon will start shrinking as it cooks and if you don't pin it it kind of gonna unwrap so I like to pin it so it's those states pretty and now we are ready to set up the barbecue as I said guys very easy quick it's gonna be done all together in about 15 minutes and almost no cleaning and here it is my baked asparagus with bacon I added some little spinach just for more greens as I didn't have any today and I have this two small pieces if pork so Owen we're gonna enjoy it and you know I always love me some Thousand Island dressing so I'm gonna use about 1 tablespoon to dip my meat in there was amazing I told you it was done under 15 minutes brilliant take any fourth and most importantly it didn't take any dishes ginger here why do you put all the hay on me uh forgive you well as did the most important thing so we can wrap up this video day 21 of our 30 days keto diet transformation challenge is done is that right yes thank you guys so much for watching today's vlog if you didn't do so please consider to subscribing and give it a thumbs up if you did like it and I'm gonna see you again tomorrow


hello guys it's vasquel so welcome to my channel and welcome today 23 of my 30 days keto diet summer transformation challenge if you new to my channel please don't forget to subscribe and hit that Bell button so you get notified and you don't miss any of my amazing videos it's 1 o'clock so I'm ready to break my fast after 16 hours as I am intermittent fasting and I'm gonna make some quick easy lunch alright so my lazy Kido lunch Edition continues I'm just gonna make a ham and eggs so I'm gonna use 3 or 4 slices of ham 2 eggs I'm gonna top it with some cheddar cheese and I have this bacon wrapped asparagus from the other night we grilled so I'm gonna have that on site with it this is my lazy keto lunch today yummy that was really good and filling I just since I stopped a following vegan lifestyle I just can't get enough of X I can eat eggs every day it's just amazing food this lunch should keep me full to later afternoon so I'm gonna check with you around snack time hey guys it's Rob and just clocking out for lunch and I want to show you what I brought today so I just have some keto bread sandwiches got some ham cucumber some cream cheese and some Gouda cheese know there's a monster cheese and West or I love these things this one's a Cinnabon flavored and that's what's for lunch guys I can't believe that this 30-day challenge is almost over it's been a hell of a ride I enjoy every bit of it I'm definitely gonna keep going in a keto diet my ultimate goal I think is excuse me miss I've been talking here you don't care excuse her well I wanted to say that my goal is obviously lose the 30 pounds I gained it and I would like to after that spell stay very low carb I'm not sure if that's gonna be completely Kido because I would love to here and there incorporate little quinoa or some beans or some sweet potato I'm really not sure I'm still it's funny because I'm 30 years old and I'm still trying to figure it out what's best for my body well it's almost 5 o'clock so I'm gonna make myself some delicious snack Hey I absolutely loved the cheddar cheese chips I made yesterday so I've decided that today's snack I'm gonna make some more so I'm making one batch for myself with just roughly 220 calories and I'm gonna just spice them them up with some salt and onion powder and here it is guys these are absolutely amazing for us to me you have to try these they're awesome just like that with some little onion powder or you can make some guacamole to dip in or some salsa they're just very versatile or you can put some slice of cheese sauce on top of the cheese they're just really good so I'm gonna enjoy that while working and I'll check with you back around to dinner well if my chips are all gone I enjoyed every single one and now I'm just gonna keep working and I'm gonna make myself second cup of coffee and I'm gonna check with you around dinner well Casey really wants to show up I gave her a bath today so she's all nice and fluffy and she wants to be a movie star say hello baby hello hello that's my baby oh yeah eight o'clock it's time to start the dinner I asked Rob what he wants for dinner and he said chicken salad well she can sell it it is I defrosted one a big chicken I'm gonna season with some salt so you get some spinach romaine lettuce some black olives some chicken some avocado cucumber tomato and red onion in today we're gonna test this roasted garlic dressing from simply nature by Aldi organic one oh yeah I'm sure we're gonna love it guys this was really satisfying huge salad I could not even finish it there was a lot of good fast olives the cheese did not the avocado to me it was really good a really filling right I just can't finish it all right guys the kitchen is closed so let's wrap up today's video Melvin you nails today mm-hmm okay guys day 23 of our 30 days keto diet summer transformation challenge is done we have only a week to go it's unbelievable it's been a hell of a keto right thank you so much for joining us on this ride and if you didn't do so please don't forget to subscribe and hit the bell button so you get notified and don't miss any of my videos and I'm gonna see you again in tomorrow good night