Keto Cured My Emotional Eating

Good morning, sunshines I am not awake yet

I apologize, but I've been thinking about the last video Last video I said that I had not lost very much weight the last month and I felt like i needed to explain something because I don't want you to think, "Well, keto is not working because she's not losing any real weight anymore" But what you don't know is other factors that can stall weight loss Like, the astronomical level of stress that I've been dealing with for the last month The last week in particular, but the last month has been exceptionally stress filled for me and we've all heard about cortisol and how stress can really stall our weight loss and things

And while I stand firm on the scale is not everything I also did not lose much in the way of inches once I took my measurements after the last video, so I don't want anyone to watch that and question the effectiveness of keto and how can I say keto is my miracle worker when I have already stopped losing much weight Last month seems like it might have not been a win and that keto is already failing me, but here are the things that I did not talk about that will hopefully help you understand why I still consider keto a win even when my weight or my inches aren't reflecting it The way that I used to deal with stress pre keto This is what life is nowpre keto and post ketopre keto The way that I dealt with stress was food I am a lifelong, taught at childhood, emotional eater If I felt empty, I filled it up If I was stressed, let's just eat all the things

If I was sad or happy or bored, let's just eat Let's not feel whatever it is we need to feel and deal with right now Let's just eat Let'slet's just bury all of our feelings in a mound of carbsusually

I haven't ever had to really sit with my feelings and deal with them and move through them in a rational normal person kind of way I just ate until I didn't feel anymore And with that came the development of food addiction on top of it So, that's another video I'm just saying One thing that keto has done for me outside of weight loss, is remove my ability to emotionally eat Not just because I can't eat the things and call myself keto, but because I don't have the desire It's taken away cravings

Like, I have battled hard core cravings my entire life There was a stint on paleo where I professed not having cravings for the first time in my life, but thinking back, that wasn't entirely true because I still craved sweet things, I just satisfied it with fruit I can't have fruit on keto I can have low glycemicberriesthings like that that won't screw with blood sugar, but all in all fruit is a no-no So already

I'm not even gonna say in three months because these demons were conquered very early onemotional eating and cravings aren't an issue Haven't been an issue for three months Um Another way that keto is still working for me is, I am diabetic and my blood sugar has been phenomenal I am seeing, more often than not, normal person blood sugar numbers Even first thing in the morning, when mine has always been so exceptionally high My blood sugar tests are coming back as if I don't even have diabetes And they are stable throughout the day, so my feeling tired

I can now rule out that I must feel tired because of blood sugar spikes and dips and being all over the place because they are stablemostly That helps me troubleshoot why it is I might feel so tired I have adrenal fatigue, soum I am more likely to blame it on that instead of diabetes which helps me find a solution And I will talk about adrenal fatigue and diabetes and things like that in another video, but I want to point out that while you think keto is this fad diet

that just it's the rage right now, keto has actually been around since the 1920's or 30's? It was developed as a treatment for epilepsy keto is a medicinal therapy It helps with, if not cures, a lot of things that are wrong with our bodies It helps with PCOS

It's been known to really help with autism It helps with adrenal fatigue, which is really what made me start to research keto, and it has been known to cure diabetes As much of a cure as you can have for diabetes They've always said that once you got it, you got it and that you can't just unring the bell But you can get off medication

You can live your life as if you don't have it You will still always have to be mindful of it and not revert back to being a carb eating crazed maniac

Um So that's all this video is I just wanted to expound on the fact that The number on the scale or the number on the tape measure is not your true north for whether or not a way of eating is right for you

That's what I want everyone to wrap their brains around because I'm healing my body through the food that I am eating and that is paramount for me Yes, I want to get smaller I don't want to be skinny I don't That's not my end goal I want to be healthier and get off all medication I take two different kinds of medication for diabetes So far that is all and I don't want to be on medication

I want to Give my body what it needs through the food that I eat and, soon, the exercise and movement and things that I do Sodo not get on my ass telling me that clearly keto doesn't work because it's only been three months and I've already slowed way down on weight loss

The last month of my life has been astronomically stressful And we're not gonna get into that We're gonna leave it at thatand move forward because that information, in and of itself, is a victory because previously I would have quit I would have told keto that it wasn't him, it was meand by me, I mean him

and that I was just gonna have to quit him and please don't call me anymore And we would have had to break up I don't know if it's the self-love revolution I talked, about in the last video Which you can watch by clicking that I don't know if it's just something that has come with age and experience or what it is, but my brain is different

The way that I look at this is different Maybe it's all the other work I did to stop trying to be a perfectionist because that derailed every weight loss attempt in the past I have never stuck to any weight loss attempts this long and my only logical explanation for that is that this way of eating has already changed so much of me on the inside Not just going from being a carb burner to a fat burner like ketosis does, but it's changed my brain and how I think about food It's no longer how much food can we get in my face as fast as possible because I'm starving because carbs don't sustain me

orI've just skipped three meals or something, and so I can't get food in my face fast enough Or thinking about food as nothing more than something to soothe my soul on a bad day Food is just fuel and I've heard people talk about food that way before Like food is just fuel It's like the gas you put in your car and I've always wanted to punch those people in the throat because that's not what food is

Food is everything! It's how we celebrate It's how we mourn

It's how we socialize It's always been everything andremember also last video when I said there would be tears? Food is no longer those things for me Jesus Nowfood is fuel I get it now

My bad You were right Food is fuel Does that mean I can't enjoy the food that I'm eating? No, it's not that It's just

I eat to live instead of living to eat And I will reserve all chatter about food addiction and anything else about emotional eating for another day, but it is so completely freeing to live this way versus how I've lived the last 41 years I don't know if keto will do that for you

I would suppose that it will because carbs are the devil, for me anyway, and the more you eat themthe more you want them So when they are not a part of your life, other than incidentally in vegetables or a few other things, then it changes your brain

It doesn't just change the way that your body uses the food that you give it, it changes your brain That's all I got Cuz I gotI got work to do, but I wanted to I wanted to touch on those few things as a part two to last week and I'm done for the week I will see you after the next weigh-in I reallyhumbly appreciate Those of you that have watched

I think the first video is the one that I shared on Facebook yesterday which, whoa! Talk about vulnerability! Anybody that has watched what I've made so far, I appreciate it If you have liked or subscribed or shared or whatever'dI appreciate it

If you haven't, then what's your damage? Like, do the things Come on

Umand those of you that I don't even know Who have reached out and commented that does my heart so good

Like, do more of that because you're why I'm here Yeah, for my friends and family, toolove you

but you people I don't even know to reach out and tell me, a stranger, how what I've already said in a few silly little videos has helped youthat's that's what this is all about for me and if sitting here crying like a big baby or being ridiculous helps you find your own solution, then let the tears flow I'm gonna go now cuz seriously I hope that you all do awesome things and maybe that doesn't include weight loss, but go live kick-ass lives, and motivate other people, and heal your bodies in whatever way That's all I got Hey! You want to pipe down? We're making a video here How about you get in that bed? Yeah

Why don't you get in your bed? Or not This is Dutch Don't Don't lick the mic That's gross, dude

Don't lick thehey I love you

I recognize you are here and you need attention I think thatlook at me

You is handsome You is smart


why I am going Ktoo and what the heck is ketogenic diet that's what I'm gonna talk about today hey guys welcome to my channel my name is Iva Scelfo and if you're new here my channel is all about weight loss and health lifestyle so if you're into that kind of stuff then you might want to consider to subscribe so what is ketogenic diet ketogenic diet is also well known as the a low carb high fat diet which basically means your body depletes itself out of glucose and it's forced to use fat as its fuel I will try to explain it easy your body always prefers glucose over fat to use as its fuel so because when we eat carbohydrates our blood glucose levels rises rapidly also spikes up our insulin and insulin it's basically the hormone which is responsible for storing fat low carb diet helps stabilizes these spikes when your body can't use glucose as its fuel anymore your liver will start producing ketones and uses fat as its fuel so how many cars should you eat a day well that will depend on every person but in general it's 20 grams of net carbs some people can stay in ketosis and eat 50 grams of net carbs but to be sure and saved just stay within 20 grams so what are the net carbs well net carbs are actually all Carbohydrates you eat – the fiber while the fiber is carbohydrates which your body cannot digest therefore it cannot spikes your insulin so fiber here is not the enemy so how fast can you get into ketosis well that will vary person to person but in general it takes somewhere within two to seven days to get into ketosis state which is the states where your body start using a fat as its fuel so how can you get into ketosis faster well you can really reduce your daily intake of carbohydrates two-barrel a minimum that helps also fasting helps you can look into intermittent fasting and follow your eating window I will talk more about intermittent fasting and my experience with it in another video so what should your macros be well that will vary person to person again depending on your age gender weight height and exercise level but in general you should be eating within 65 to 75 percent of fat 15 to 30 percent of protein and 5 to 10% of carbohydrates there are many great keto macro calculators online and ruling some links down below and also there are many great calorie trackers apps for your phone which you can use and that will definitely help you especially in the beginning so can you eat as much as you want on this diet well no it always comes down to calories in versus calories out you can't eat whatever you want you have to burn more calories than you actually give in to your body well it's simple as that so what can you actually eat well you're going to eat high fat moderate protein and very low carbohydrates so most of your diet will be healthy fats like avocados coconut oil grass-fed butter egg yolks full fat cheese for protein you can have beef poultry pork fatty fish nuts and seeds and your main source of carbohydrates should be from vegetables like leafy greens and above ground vegetables fruit is not allowed on a keto diet except for berries so you can still have your strawberry chia seeds putting no problem so why I want to get on board with this keto lifestyle well the truth is my body doesn't really respond well to carbohydrates I've 25 pounds since following a plant-based vegan diet I also noticed some mild gluten intolerance some mild rashes and stuff and I always feel bloated and tired and I have a real binging problem with corpse I could binge on pasta and Brad it's just it's just not healthy relationship so I tried the keto diet before for about two weeks and it suited me well so this time around I'm determined to really jump right into it and explore all the benefits and I'm really excited to start and I'm really happy that you were here with me I'll be documenting every step of my journey so you welcome to join me and if you do don't forget to subscribe and hit that Bell button that you get notified every time I upload and I will see you again soon


well another beautiful day in the paradise Florida huh good morning guys it's about 8:30 in the morning and I'm super excited because today is day one for me going on ketogenic diet so I'm really excited to start I already gave this diet a try for about two weeks and it was really working well for me so I can't wait to jump right to it I'm also skipping breakfast as I am intermittent fasting so I'm just ready to have my coffee and water with apple cider vinegar and lemon and I will show you how along well it's also first time I'm blogging so I think it's gonna be fun so it's about 12:30 so I'm breaking my fast and I'm gonna make myself something for lunch and I will show you what all right so this is what I'm having I have some of the roulade I made yesterday it's I just beat up at the chicken breast very very thin I put basil pesto on earth I put some mozzarella cheese some sun-dried tomatoes some spinach and I rolled it up baked it in the oven on butter then I have some broccoli I put like a tablespoon of butter over it for more of that it's still thunderstorm out so I'm gonna put some lemon juice over it I like it that way and then I have just a little leafy greens and some of the red bell pepper I'm just gonna enjoy now I'm gonna leave a link to other video I made about what is keto and why I went keto so if you want to check that out it's gonna be in a description below go check that off it's a good video yeah big storm again two dogs you saw the little ones Casey and the big one is axel so do you guys hear it another storm it's like on roller coaster a little bit you know for a little bit it's very sunny and nice and then another hour it's pouring rain now what I wanted to tell you but intermittent fasting does for me as I don't such a cravings and I have like I feel like I'm on those schedule where I don't really snag after that 8:00 pm

because I used to ruin egg while watching TV and that was like a big wrong dark horrible habit and when I sleep breakfast and push myself through a little bit of a hunger didn't I find myself not being that hungry throughout the day so I would have lunch then I would have a Samsonite and then dinner when I was you know having breakfast I would have breakfast then sometimes even snack before lunch then lunch then in you know at 3 o'clock I would be starving again so have another snack from them dinner and then snipe while watching movie so it was a lot of food and in and I never could have hit my macros I was always over and that's why I also dated 25 pounds so intermittent fasting really helps me to keep on track having some rules so that was my delicious lunch and now that it's time well it's the raining again and you guys you should hear how all these frogs are coming underneath your trailer and like hiding themselves and all I can hear is like really finally I wish you can hear it well anyway I'm gonna see you at snack time so it stopped raining for like five minutes so me and Axel we're gonna go for a little walk and then I'm gonna make myself a snack next to sit okay let's go down head down see see he's happy and he will be really filthy so we're back we played for a little bit but it's really poopy outside so I'm gonna make my snack I'm gonna do two deviled eggs so I'll show you how I make it and I get myself some mayonnaise some Dijon mustard and I will chop this spring onion to put am look at it guys we got ourselves some little river from the whole day of raining unbelievable so I guess another perk of living full-time in an RV is that when it's raining it can get pretty scary and damn loved anyway I finished my eggs yeah they are I put them on some cute little cutting board I already ate one super delicious and I'm gonna have some little cucumber and little tomato with it and I just think next time I'm gonna get a little easy on mail I know I need to get the fats in but it's just little I like it a little more texture not so soggy so I'm gonna just enjoy it now and I will see you guys at dinner look who's home we're there hello okay guys it's eight o'clock so it's time for dinner rob is home as you saw I've decided to make a fried rice using cauliflower and some pork so I'm gonna show you my favorite recipe so this is the finished product it was pretty easy and quickest you could see so babe do you wanna give it a first face pleasure see ya good Wow I love it good in a while huh but well hope it's good so nice we're just gonna enjoy the dinner and I will check with you before that ok guys it's about 11:00 pm so we're ready to hit the bed oh well I already did so my first day of eating Quito is behind me it was successful I hit all my macros I will post it somewhere here that you can check it out but it was good I felt good I was not hungry at all now I'm just gonna take my makeup off and go to bed but yeah I really enjoy this day I'm glad you tagged along if you like this video please give me a thumbs up and don't forget to subscribe because I'll be back probably tomorrow I will really try to vlog every day if I can do it and edit it fast for you so if you interested how am i doing and how my Aikido journey is going damn hit that stop button that you get notified when I upload it and I'm gonna see you tomorrow good night


hey guys good morning welcome back for another episode of what I eat in a day on the ketogenic diet it's about 12 o'clock I had my coffee and my water with apple cider vinegar and I've decided I would like to make today Akito bagels so I'm gonna start on it and I will show you my recipe and teach you how to do it I get away though these babies cool down all right this is the vain girl I just put some ham and cheese and some tomatoes and cucumber on it so I'm gonna do that taste best let's see I've got I also couldn't figure out how to make the C's this is Sami seeds stick on it I tried to spray it with a little cooking spray oil but it still fell off so I don't know if you have some tips for that please leave me a comment down below let me know I would like to know I also left them in the oven for two minutes longer and I wanted I was doing laundry and I didn't hear my alarm went off so I think they are little little darker they should be a little lighter so two minute less and I will be perfect I'm gonna try to freeze them in the freezer as I'm not gonna eat them all in one day or even in a two days so I'm gonna let you know them how that work we are planning to give Rob a haircut as I am not only a doctor but also a hairdresser so today's treat coffee with a little whipping cream well a Rob is hiding it but he has a beer to go with it as well he says it's a holiday so a haircut was success I hope plus it's time to make a dinner during the afternoon I was just snacking on some pork rinds and some cheese and now I want to make some zucchini chicken lasagna so I'm gonna show you what I'll be using I have one small zucchini I have a 200 grams of chicken ties which I will share with wrap then I have smoked paprika salt pepper some Kerrygold butter and some heavy whipping cream well the mark past that was really good it was actually pretty amazing I just wish the zucchini doesn't get so soggy but it's not a deal-breaker it was really easy quick a recipe it took me about 15 minutes it really reminds me of the chicken on paprika I used to make it check very similar just there was the cayenne pepper so it had a little kick but we did like that yeah I wanted to show you also the results of wroth Hey god I did good didn't I very good you do so good thank you we saved 30 bucks yes I just learned how to do it and since then I just do it because usually he would go to the barber and he would come home and it would has so much stuff going on and it would be like babe you gotta fix it so I'm like I gotta fix it and I can do the whole thing and for free so I finished my dessert and the dinner and I also had to change my shirt as I got the red sauce all over my white shirt but I do blame it on the saggy zucchini I hope you cannot give these bagels a try that was a great recipe and if you do please leave me a comment down below and let me know how it turned out for you thank you guys so much for watching this episode of what I eat in a day on ketogenic diet and know that I do really appreciate you all and if you did like this video please give it a thumbs up and subscribe to my channel as it does really motivate me to keep going and make more of these great videos for you and I will see you again soon with another recipes goodnight you


hello guys today I will film for you another daily Kido vlog and what I eat on ketogenic diet so I don't do breakfast because I intermittent fasting you should know that already so I'm breaking my fast now it's around 1:30 and I'm gonna be making some super awesome egg omelet for the armorer I'm gonna be using 3 eggs I have 2 button mushrooms chopped down head of a tomato and some onion and I'm also gonna put tablespoon of Kerrygold butter onto a pan guys it's already looking fabulous I also add a handful of spinach for some more leafy greens half of an avocado for more healthy fats and I like to add dash of turmeric unto my omelet as tumeric is an telemetric compound and it has amazing antioxidant properties so I do like to add a dash of it in anywhere I can with oatmeal has 435 calories and 55 net carbs so that's great I'm really doing good with eating two to three meals a day sometimes I skipped an afternoon snack because I'm just not hungry I'm shooting for 1,200 to 1350 calories a day but I don't really stress about it if I eat little less or a little more in the day you know I just really follow and listen to my body staying hydrated is really important so go on and have a glass of water let's drink with me Cheers first night today I just made myself cup of tea this is a pumpkin spice one which I do really enjoy very much and I made myself a little of the salami with spreadable cream cheese inside little broccoli and two ounces of cheese so I will be munching on that while working on the computer and I'll be making some delicious dinner tonight so stay tuned for that for today's dinner I'm making lemon butter chicken thighs and I'll be also making a mock mashed potato using a cauliflower this recipe is my mom's and it's really easy and takes about 15 minutes to put together for two people you need two chicken ties season them with salt and pepper fry them up in tablespoon of Kerrygold butter and for the sauce you need 1 tomato and lemon juice from about a quarter of a lemon for the mashed cauliflower I am using small head of cauliflower cut into small pieces you would fill the pot with water and boil it until the cauliflower is pretty soft and after you will add a tablespoon of Kerrygold butter 2 tablespoons of whipping cream and mix it up all together each of it for or you can put it in your blender and you will also season it the way you used to season your mashed potatoes so I'll be using salt and pepper guys dinner was a success according to the plates this mom's chicken recipe never lets me down and with this cauliflower mash it was simply delicious I actually ended up putting some little of the turmeric again in it ah so that's the rate inflammatory properties so I do really try to edit in everything I can as I told you before now it's time to do the dishes well usually it's a rough thing to do but he doesn't look like he feels to do it dishes well that's the deal I would buy you fly you look like it so we might have to play rock-paper-scissors for the dishes I kind of hate my macros already sigh I don't think I'm entitled to have any dessert I may have some little pork rinds but we'll see and I think that's it for today's video so guys if you liked it please give it a thumbs up and subscribe for more videos and I'll see you in the next one goodnight

The Keto Diet: Can Eating Mostly Fat Help You Lose Weight?

Can eating mostly fat help you lose weight? On paper, the ketogenic diet sounds great The keto diet originated as a treatment for epileptic children in the 1920s

The diet requires getting 80-90 percent of daily calories from fat and proteins—almost none from carbohydrates But don't we need carbs? Breaking down carbs into smaller molecules is how the body fuels itself The average American gets 46-56 percent of their calories from carbs The keto diet forces the body into a state of mild starvation Your body is deprived of fuel—or carbs—and burns fat instead

The body enters ketosis—a process that turns fat stores into keto bodies They act as substitutes for molecules like glucose that you'd normally get from carbs Does the diet work? Weight loss on the keto diet might just be from a reduction in total calories Thinking about what you eat typically leads to decreased food consumption Initial losses are also probably due to shedding water weight

Is the diet good for you? Eating 90 percent fat isn't good for your heart health It's hard to get the nutrients of a "balanced" diet when you're limiting most of your fiber sources Low-carb diets can be dangerous to people with cardiovascular disease or diabetes Especially people prone to high lipid levels Your entire body is designed to run on carbs

The benefits of decreasing body fat won't necessarily outweigh the downside of eating mostly fats


hey guys welcome back for another episode of what I eat in a day on the ketogenic diet today it's raining since morning it's on and off a thunderstorm so it's not that hot or humid and I feel for some like a comfort food so I've decided I want to make for lunch and egg drop soup I have my pot I'm gonna put a bowl of water in there I'm using 2 eggs 1 ounce of mozzarella some spring onion I love it in my soup buff of garlic of course some soy sauce and some sesame seed oil and I'm gonna use 1 teaspoon of corn starch just to make the soup a little thicker I don't have a chicken broth so I'm gonna be making in my own with the soy sauce and garlic and some salt and pepper but you would usually use that if you have it home but I don't I'm gonna put some soy sauce in the water about 1 teaspoon officer Sammy oil I'm gonna put the garlic in there we're using a cheese shredder do not judge me sorry guys about the rain I know it's hard to hear me brag the eggs in the glass yeah water is boiling so taking a little of the stock and a little mixed with water I'm gonna add one teaspoon of the cornstarch and is always good you don't want to use too much of the cornstarch because it's pretty high in cart so one teaspoon will do just fine when that's done I'm gonna pour it right into a soup so you're stirring in the egg by mixing the soup and slowly pouring the eggs in the soup the eggs will cook almost instantly so you can just leave it boil for 20 seconds and the soup is done now I'm just gonna put my spring onion in the ball and this is it I'm gonna pop all mozzarella and mix it up yeah you don't really need to use a lot of cornstarch so don't worry that you're gonna go over your carbs the eggs in this kind of quantity it doesn't really thickened up just enough just the perfect why how I like it so I'm gonna just enjoy this comforting food this to pull me up pretty good I'm pretty full it had just 300 calories and 42 net carbs so I may end up having some little salad down the road or I may just have two snacks today we'll see how am i hungry I told you guys that it's raining right look how much water is coming down always forms like a little river here someone here is in for a treat yes do you like that one it's a romaine lettuce and this baby want something to put you like something would you like a treat Casey so guys I just cooked the cheese in the microwave until it was really crispy so I couldn't break it into like a little naturals and I'm gonna make someone look what come on with it I messed up half of an avocado and I'm gonna add some salt pepper lemon juice and half of an tomato what at the end I don't have cilantro but I don't even like cilantro so I do not ever edit into my glaucoma anyway but look I will add is a little of red onion here it is just half of an avocado lemon juice tomato and red onion so my guacamole and nachos are done look at that clock so this is how you're gonna eat it you just dig into your wok umm-hmm you have to try that I was some craving some Mexican food this is really good I think again this would be great if you have a friends over or some house party this is a great high fat keto snack was the first time I made them next time I'm actually gonna cook the cheese a little longer I wanted a little more crispy but other than that it's success I do really love it it's great are you checking her out he's good Casey so I chopped 2 zucchinis and one big bell pepper this one's was orange and I have about 12 large shrimp and two sausages those are our German bratwurst from all these I'm gonna season it with some salt and pepper and cayenne pepper and I'm gonna fry it up in extra virgin olive oil I love these one pot dishes I already done a lot of dishes today even though I really didn't cook a lot just the soup and some cheese but yeah one part dishes are my favorite I'm just gonna heat up some rice from yesterday for a wrap to have a twist and I'm obviously gonna have it just with the veggies because I'm the keto girl this shrimp are already cooked so it all kind of needs just heat up and sauté the veggies while this is cooking I'm gonna be sipping my pomegranate green tea I love this stuff it really turns down any cravings and even hunger I feel like more hot tea I drink during the day was hungry I guess what's your favorite drink do you drink tea coffee what kinda I would like to know leave me a comment all done looking amazing can't wait to eat it very colorful I actually ended up using a little smoked paprika for a little smoky flavor and a little more of the color and I'm gonna give it a try mmm awesome thank you Facebook it was a great idea I appreciated great recipe I think on Facebook there was a spare a goose and yellow squash as well so I just throw together whatever I had so that's it guys for today's video as usual if you did like it please give it a thumbs up it helps me a lot and subscribe to my channel and I'm gonna see you in the next video Oh

Doctor Mike on Diets: Ketogenic Diet | Diet Review

What is the "ketogenic diet"? " rapid weight loss" " fats with benefits" "Decrease your appetite " "Ketose

" " butter is healthy!" Explain yourself The ketogenic diet

Let's understand why all this fame I'll tell you what it is, briefly explain how it works and discuss some of the more common statements about it Let's start! Before we talk about the ketogenic diet, let's understand a few basic things about nutrition There are three main groups of macronutrients we will focus on here Proteins, fats and carbohydrates

These are the nutrients you find in the food you eat every day The standard American diet consists of 35% fat, 15% protein and 50% carbohydrates But if the ketogenic diet is analyzed, the numbers are quite different With 75% being fats, 20% being proteins and only 5% being carbohydrates Think about it: they are ten times less carbohydrate than the standard American diet

How it works Let's say you change your normal diet to ketogenic What happens inside your body? Your body handles low carbohydrate intake in two ways First, it enters a state called "ketosis" It changes the body's energy source to come mainly from fats Which basically means that there is the breaking of fats to ketone bodies, read ketosis, and then uses that to generate energy

Simply your body starts burning fat as its main source of energy and avoids the use of glucose, which is a carbohydrate The process of getting into ketosis takes a few days And during those days, people begin to experience some side effects Confusion, irritability, nausea, discomfort Some people call it "ketogenic fever

" "I do not feel very well" The second process used by your body is gluconeogenesis It sounds kind of scary but it really is not

It is in your body to create glucose, because not all cells work with fats alone A curiosity: for reasons of survival, you do not need to consume any carbohydrates unless you are consuming enough fats and proteins Affirmations Now, where did all this fame come from the ketogenic diet? Let's take a look at the affirmations and see what is true and what is not First affirmation: "The ketogenic diet is good for weight loss" Yes! The ketogenic diet is good for weight loss

This is done through two important mechanisms First: Since you are using fat as the main energy source, You're burning too much fat Second: Because the fats are more satiating, they make you feel "full", when you eat something high in fat, you really do not want to eat that much Soon, you end up limiting the amount of calories consumed during the day Many people are surprised that when they start the ketogenic diet, they lose weight very fast

But this is kind of misleading, because most of the weight lost initially comes from the loss of water and not fat loss For those of you who want to lose weight in the long run, the ketogenic diet is not very sustainable It's graduation day, all your friends are going to have ice cream Some will take a milkshake of Cookies n 'Cream (me), and you can not take too because you're doing the ketogenic diet? This is crazy! You have to be very attentive while doing the diet Because carbohydrates have this disgusting habit of simply getting into your food

Ketchup, food with a lot of carbohydrate Apples, bananas, Milkshake by Cookies n 'Cream What's it? I love Cookies n 'Cream milkshake

And this is also worth taking that drink with your friends No alcohol Second statement: "The ketogenic diet is good for the brain" The truth about this is that the jury has not come to a conclusion about it yet Because science did not give us the answer

Research in this area is not yet complete And somehow, some people say they feel more focused or smart with the diet But I also listened to my patients saying they feel more confused and that "ketogenic fever" continues for longer than normal So I do not like to use anecdotes to tell if a diet is good or not I need quality research, which is what I do not have

Third assertion: "The ketogenic diet prevents or controls various chronic diseases" This is a yes and no answer Where the ketogenic diet really calls attention is in Type II diabetes Because when you have Type II diabetes, you have insulin deficiency, you have high blood sugar and research shows over and over that the ketogenic diet for type II diabetes works That! We have to talk about childhood epilepsy because it was where the ketogenic diet really created its roots

We can prescribe the ketogenic diet for children who have seizures of refractory epilepsy and what you notice is that when they enter the state of ketosis, there is a decrease in the frequency of these seizures It works, it's proven They are scientifically based evidence The ketogenic diet has been shown to be promising in the field of oncology, commonly known as cancer She is not ready to be an immediate cancer treatment yet

And research does not fully support it as a preventative method in cancer development But what we do know is that there are promising things and that more research needs to be done Potential Damage Some damage that may occur from following the diet: Nutritional deficiencies by removing large food groups from the diet, increase in LDL (your bad cholesterol), liver problems, bone problems and the increase of some types of cancer when you are consuming too much processed food or red meat My final considerations on the ketogenic diet: I think it's a good diet for weight loss, I think it's better to have short-term weight loss than in the long run So if you have a wedding to go or any other big event that is nearby and you're mostly healthy, I do not think a bad diet to be done

The diet is very complex to be followed by the fact how drastically you need to change your dietary pattern, of the possible damages that can come with the diet And frankly, because of the lack of knowledge and lack of research that we have on its long-term effects and all are questionable, I am encouraged not to recommend this diet for the majority of my patients And neither for you from home I read in the comments that some of you wanted me to test the ketogenic diet

If we can get this video to reach 20,000 likes, I'm going to test the diet and I'll take you with me on this journey As always, stay happy and healthy! We have to talk about childhood epilepsy because was where the ketogenic diet actually created its roots Found its roots

"Start your roots"? Scratching nose syndrome I do not know how to do this (quotes) I do this all the time? I said "ketogenic fever

" "The ketogenic fever" Quiet, Bear Is not it strange how it just pops up in framing?

NelsonQuest Keto Cooking System (Quick Delicious Meals in Minutes)

Hey guys, so in this video, I'm going to walk you through the complete ketogenic cooking system that I've been using for the last year, roughly, to cook delicious delicious keto meals, very, very, very quickly We're talking from start to you at the table eating your food, 4 minutes tops

So stay tuned and hope you enjoy I'm not a professional chef, but all of the food that I eat is unbelievably delicious And every time it's a little bit different, and so I wanted to show you the system that I've developed that allows me to cook stuff really, really quick, really, really delicious, and always give it a little bit of variation So here's how it works Level one it's going to be what sort of oil or butter are you going to use So here I have olive oil with garlic, ghee, coconut oil, and MCT oil, you could use MCT oil, but it's pretty flavorless, MCT oil is more of a flavor enhancer

So if you need an extra fatty type meal, I would use one of these as a base You can use avocado oil, which I don't have here Or butter, or bacon grease, or whatever For today, I'm going to cook with coconut oil, and then I move to the next level Then you select your vegetables: So what I do is, I have a housekeeper, and at the beginning of the week, she fills up these containers with different vegetables

So that this way I can just mix and match based on what I want These are fresh tomatoes Don't know how to say this in English, but like "Onions puerro" (He means leek) This is just red onion This is a mixture of spinach and broccoli This is zucchini, and this is my absolute favorite: this is cauliflower rice

To make cauliflower rice all you need is dry cauliflower You just mix it, Or you let it chop in a food processor for a couple of minutes and it ends up like a nice rice, sort of texture My absolute favourite What do I feel like? I feel likeLet's go with cauliflower rice, let's go with a little bit of spinach and broccoli, and we'll throw some tomato on there, and a little bit of this onion mixture as well All right, so now moving on to level three, which is basically going to be your top level seasonings These are things that you pretty much always going to put on your food, so- Salt, Pepper, I like to put on at the end, but I'm just showing it here This is cayenne pepper Curcumin This is just some sort of seasoning that I got at a health food store

It's like an Indian type of flavor I don't know how better to describe it And then these are my four staples, I use these pretty much every single meal: Onion powder, this is like an all-purpose seasoning that has some salt in it, crushed red pepper, and garlic powder So you just pick your top level stuff So, salt here, you're pretty much always going to put salt on the food, this is Himalayan sea salt

I like to always put black pepper on as well And then for today, let's go with garlic and crushed red pepper, and a little bit of curcumin So let's just move this stuff to the side Your top level seasonings, or seasonings that you're pretty much always going to use, and these are kind of second level seasonings that you can use to just add a little additional flavor, You can see this is Habanero, chipotle, pizza, sweet and tangy seasoning, Dynamite, which is like a spicy combination, Everything spicy, which again is another spicy combination And then lemon and garlic, one of my favorites

These are very very mild You have to put a ton of Pizza for the stuff that you're cooking to actually taste like pizzas This is just if you want to add little touch of something else I personally don't want to use any of these today, So I'm just going to put them all the way Okay, so fifth level is just going to be your your protein

I'm going to make eggs today, but you can pretty much interchange these eggs with anything you want So I would follow the exact same process, no matter what I was cooking So I could interchange this salmon, with ground beef, with steak, pretty much any sort of protein So I like to cook with three eggs, these are chicken eggs, and these are duck eggs, believe it or not So I'm going to use chicken eggs today, so I'll just put these away

Level six: This is completely optional, is avocado So pretty much every meal, I like to have at least half of an avocado, and then also cheese I love cheese, so here I've got mozzarella cheese, which is- I'm sorry, this is "queso cuajada" I don't know what this is in English, but the cool thing about cheese, for the most part, It's always going to be 50% protein, 50% fat, so it's much easier to calculate the- It's really easy to calculate the macros on cheese

Eggs as well, eggs are 7 grams of protein, 7 grams of fat So you know is going to be 50/50, so I know that if I'm cooking with a protein and cheese, that if I add avocado, and if I'm cooking it in an oil or butter, that I'm going to have pretty much the ideal keto ratio that I'm looking for So for today, let's go ahead and use feta cheese And we're going to use half an avocado as well So another trick, I have a fat spoon

So this is a spoon that I keep on top of a paper towel that I only use for fats, because if you try cleaning fat out of a spoon it takes like 10 minutes, and just to not waste time in that I'm going to move really fast, because that's normally how I move Just so you can see how quickly all the stuff gets cooked, and, yeah So the first thing you do is you want to start preheating your pan, throw in some oil, along with your fat spoon, if you have one Now we're going to throw our vegetables into the pan

These are spinach and our broccoli, These are an onion mixture I'm actually going to put the light on so you can see a little bit better Fresh tomato I'm going to throw, spray a little of this Okay, so we can toss that around a little bit just to get the oil onto everything

So everything starts to sauteé Okay, now we put on our level 1 spices These are the spices you're going to use every time you cook Garlic powder, crushed red pepper, I like my food is really, really spicy And then a little bit of curcumin Mix that around a little bit more

That's spicy Alright now I'm going to throw the eggs on there One Two Three

Mix it around a little bit The last thing is just the feta cheese And this will keep melting even after taking it off the plate I think that's a good amount Mix that around

I personally like my eggs to be a little runny I let them cook on the bottom, I'll quickly toss them, like I am right now, and then I'll throw them onto the plate You just see that they're a little bit runny I use the non-stick pan just for easier cleanup Delicious, delicious eggs

Now as a final touch, I mentioned I like a little bit of avocado So we're going to throw a half an avocado in there One thing with avocados is you've got to throw a little bit of salt in there The last thing I do is just add crushed black pepper Okay, so there's a little bonus, this is now the following day: I wanted to show you how easy in that exact same system, I can make a delicious breakfast in about three minutes

So remember level one is just your oil or your butter, So today I'm going to use ghee One tablespoon of ghee Then we grab our our vegetables, so today I'm going to use spinach and broccoli, and cauliflower Then we're going to put our level 1 seasonings so again salt always pretty much going to go on everything

And then today I'm going to use onion powder, and crushed red pepper And I like to use a lot, I like my stuff really spicy And then we're going to mix it all around so the oil, the ghee, gets on to everything So I mentioned you can use this system with pretty much any protein, so instead of using eggs, today we're going to use ground beef So I'm going to weigh out 120 grams

We're just going to mush it like that Chop it up onto the pan This is 80/20 ground beef, which is my favorite I mentioned yesterday, level 4 was optional seasonings I'm going to throw the Pizza

Again, this is completely optional Just making it a little bit interesting and different Let's mix this up a little bit And then the last optional step I mentioned: This is mozzarella cheese, throw a little bit of that on there Let's mix that up, make sure the cheese melts

We're going to turn the flame off now Throw the food on the plate And that's it Another beautiful, delicious keto meal Also, the just for the fuck of it, I'm going to throw some mustard on to here as well

That has two grams of carbs, and I'm sure some of that is fiber, which is 15 grams, which is about a tablespoon, so I can do that Just mix it all together, and today I'm not going to do an avocado Beautiful, delicious ground beef pizza mozzarella cheese with mustard, with our mustard plates I don't know, I could probably make that sounds really, really fancy So, this takes me, pretty much any meal you can imagine, it's going to take me just a few minutes to cook Maybe five minutes maximum

And look at the cleanup that I have to do Shit! I forgot to stop my stopwatch But six minutes, and then look at the cleanup All I have to do is clean that pan, clean this plate And then I'm done

So that's just one simple example of how you can cook amazingly delicious keto meals using that system Anyway, I'm going to go eat If you enjoyed this video, I love making videos I make videos specifically about human optimization, I guess you would call it Keto is a big part of how I optimized myself personally

So if you enjoyed this video, please like, please subscribe I'm going to be making lots more keto videos, specifically from the perspective of someone looking to optimize performance And so if that sounds like you, please subscribe You really like the content and you'll benefit a lot from it So I'll see you guys in the next video

How should I put it? Like this? Or like this? Not like this, right? No, you look like you came out of Dragon Ball Z


hey guys today I'm gonna film for you another day of eating keto diet it's about one o'clock so for me it's time to break my fast and I want to make something simple for lunch I've been craving a little bit potatoes I am a big potato lover and you can't have those on keto diet so I read that actually some substitute for potatoes on keto diet would be a radishes and I happen to have some in my fridge so I'm gonna try to boil them and try these mock potatoes today so I got one Brad for some radishes I'm gonna have one hard ball equity and some sauerkraut and mustard I'm gonna start with boiling – you're a t-shirt I'm gonna peel my egg I always keep some hard-boiled eggs in my fridge just to snack on throughout the week and I hate peeling them do you have some tricks how to peel those leave me a comment down below I would love to hear that I tried putting salt in the water vinegar in the water putting them in an ice cold bath after cocaine but nothing helps I'm still having and it's a nightmare to peel it look at that by the time I'm done I'm gonna be eating just egg yolk last time at Walmart we saw this thing you would like crack the egg inside of it and cook it like already cracked in and when it's done you just like pop it out and the acts like perfectly nice boiled and no shell I don't know did you guys tried it that's the thing work it was like 20 bucks so I don't want to spend money on that without having some reviews so if you did try it let me know because this is literally my everyday nightmare I'm gonna fry it the sausage today I would grill it but I didn't want to start a girl just for myself so on the pan it goes I did some butter and old radishes as I would normally do if I had potatoes so I'm gonna give it a try I'm pretty curious so they say this tastes like a potato Wow it kind of does it differently take down all the like the spiciness from it they took the color for sugar and yeah I think it is pretty good I'm gonna enjoy it I do like yeah right option guys you should try and boil two radishes or you can also bake them but I think boiled will more remind you of potato this meal has 400 calories and about 56 net carbs so it's pretty good I think today it's pretty hard even ginger doesn't want to run around I'm still down I'm gonna go home and come out later I think I'm ready for afternoon coffee and I'm gonna have probably my keto chocolates I made the other day I made a video how to make those I'm just gonna link it over here and down below if you wanna check that out it's really simple four ingredients done in 10 minutes let's go home I decided to make an iced coffee so I'm just gonna I pour an iced coffee and I'm gonna put 1 servings of the whipping cream soda chock with guys as I said that believe you the recipe so I'm gonna have two of these and that's 120 calories to net carbs and almost 10 grams of fat are you also fascinated with this thing how beautiful that is when you pour your whipping cream into a coffee it's it's an art guys I love it guys for today snacks I'm just gonna have half of an tomato 1 ounce actually not even like 0

7 hands of mozzarella cheese 5 slices of her salami and point 7 ounce of nuts those are oven baked almonds for really good I'm also having a big glass of water with apple cider vinegar and lemon and I'm taking a minute to sit down and write down all ideas for a next week meal plan so this home has about 230 calories so it leaves me in calories for today's dinner and today is a taco night so I'm gonna start preparing the taco shells I got ma cheese here and there is a plenty of ways how you can do it you can either fry it on the pan you can pre-heat your oven and do it in the oven or you can also use a microwave today I'm gonna use the pan because I don't have a parchment paper or silicon mat and I don't wanna burn it and I also want to do more than one so I don't want to use a microwave so you wanna go ahead and spread your cheese and I got my setup here ready I know I use two glasses and a night you're gonna want to take the cheese out when it's still hot and put it over it and that's how you formed a nice taco shell of shape while I'm cooking this one's taking the spin here say hello say hello ginger you think guys that this is about what you want this is how you want to do it you place it like that and let it cool down for about a minute it's gonna form and cool down and it will be nice and crispy and I'm gonna do one more this is how it looks like when it's all cooled down very creep see cripsy I'm very crispy beautiful taco shell can't wait for the dinner guys it's time to prepare the dinner I got my taco shells ready and now I want to prepare the fillings so I've got my taco shells I already did I have about 8 ounces of ground beef this is the 80/20 fat to protein then I have some sour cream I'll be using some obviously chili pepper I have some tomato some onion and avocado to make my own vaca more and unfortunately I'm a Don lemons and limes so gonna eat it fast that it doesn't get brown then I have a lettuce of course and I have some cheddar here I'm not gonna use it it's for rap as my taco shells are already made from cheese and that would just be too much I'm gonna cook the meat with some taco seasoning and frying up on the pan and set up the table this is a lot of chili pepper I just licked my fingers after I cut it and well ciao we cannot have a taco night now as I told you I already preferred at all you can check it out so raps having a corn tortillas or corn taco shells and I'm having the cheese one so I'm gonna fill up myself a taco and give it a try how does a game-changer hallelujah kiddo I thought it's gonna break cuz they're really crunchy so do you enjoy our taco night mm-hmm well it's not a Tuesday by doesn't matter right it's so much better homemade my god I'm out of homemade taco and like it's been years I never had a homemade taco actually I never had a hard taco in my entire life it's not a big thing in check so it was my premium was it good hmm well I did shovel down the other taco come on move so I think and we're gonna check out for today so if you did enjoy this video please give it a thumbs up as usual and don't forget to subscribe and I'm gonna see you tomorrow bye