Does the Raspberry Ketone Diet Work?

The new sensation amongst the weight loss supplements and diet pills is the Raspberry Ketone weight loss diet It has been making waves in the weight loss advertisements across all genres of commercials and promotions, be it the print advertisements, television, radio or the World Wide Web

This miraculous fat burner is believed to do away with the bulging fat around the belly, while making no other changes in your eating habits and schedule in order to lose weight The Raspberry Ketone comprises an antioxidant that happens to be the chief ingredient to work on weight loss The efficacy of the Raspberry Ketone diet has been earlier tested on mice in Japan & Korea Under both the observations the mice were given a high fat diet along with a dose of raspberry ketone Despite the high fat diet the mice did not gain weight

The Raspberry Ketone apparently aids to boost the adiponectin hormone in the body, which helps to regulate blood glucose and weight It balances the sugar levels in the body and restrains from gaining weight Thereby, helping to shed weight, increasing metabolism, reducing the belly fat, consumes calories faster and provides total satisfaction with its effective results The ingredients of this miracle supplement are, an enzyme taken from the red raspberry, which has a remarkable fat burning ability The African Mango, it helps to produce Leptin, which in turn is an appetite suppressant

Caffeine, which as commonly recognised is a storehouse of thermogenic The green tea extract, constitutes multiple benefits like combating ageing signs, diminishing the affects of free radical damage due to its antioxidant elements Another important ingredient of the Raspberry Ketone diet is the Resveratol; it is obtained from grapes and mainly fights the harmful toxins in the body and balances the sugar level of the body The supplements also consist of Apple Cider Vinegar that helps to control sugar and suppresses appetite naturally A primary vitamin and mineral that helps to balance the thyroid is Kelp, it also enhances the metabolism of the body

The last but not the least in its potential to help reduce weight is the Grapefruit, this powerful antioxidant boosts the immune system of the body It comprises of bioflavinoids, which aids in free radical elimination Together all these powerful ingredients in a bottle of Raspberry Ketone weight loss supplement is the secret to a slim and lean body

Raspberry Ketone Diet – Watch UPDATED Raspberry Ketones Reviews **(Val’s TRUE Story & RESULTS)**

raspberry ketone diet, good morning i'm anne valid you tell you guys about raspberry ketones reviews, heat on diet I said the same thing what the hell did he tell I'm and it is actually formed by about you when it your fat is trying to get I'm turns into energy I in Brussels on I'm a big snacker I hate diets so I'm trying to find something that helped me on this diet is perfect you have a pill before you'll take 2a day I'll and has something that isn't it so easy raspberry ketone diet raspberry ketones diet raspberry ketone diet reviews raspberry ketone diet scam raspberry ketone diet review raspberry ketone diets and it prevents you from getting chips and ice cream in almost anything I it makes you feel for also years you serving are smaller not sittin there thinking what you eat for dessert which is what might be a problem so before I jumped on the I had to figure out what the heck a key tone was on that site did a little research and there's a lot to have a basically is fat being burned I'm to create energy fire muscles I'm this of course increases your metabolism which in turn raspberry ketone raspberry ketone diet side effect raspberry ketone diet exposed raspberry ketones raspberry ketone diet drops raspberry ketone reviews raspberry ketone does it work raspberry ketones reviews raspberry ketones review raspberry ketone supplement reviews for raspberry ketone diet raspberry ketone review are in fact I'm a lot of people have issues with weight because they have astonished that was a I'm so these distressed grey he told diet hospice that which is great I usually don't like taking diet pills I try to look a lot of different one and they just don't work for me I don't feel natural so everything I want in me has to be natural Obama user three key tones they have great anger against a half African Mango raspberry ketone review raspberry ketones side effects raspberry ketone side effects what is the raspberry ketone diet how to take raspberry ketones what is raspberry ketone diet ketone raspberry diet raspberry ketones รีวิว how to take raspberry ketone when to take raspberry ketones the best raspberry ketone raspberry ketone supplements raspberry ketone diet side effects green tea home cacao extract that's the only national diet that I've had this work it also have a lot of other overall health benefits of course this is what little bit a physical activity as a diet would I'm it had a good source of fiber I have anti-oxidants it also I'm increases your hormone levels which burn fat and this works by decreasing your glucose levels and also by I think your body temp on it also helps prevent obesity a it prevents some fluid retention I love the source of fiber and accidents is also a great source vitamins ADBE CE K potassium magnesium iron saw all these things that you might also be taking in the morning when you wake up with your juice on it's all in the file so into in 10 basically the reason I chose this is because I'm at its after raspberry ketones supplements raspberry ketone pills raspberry ketone pills how to do the raspberry ketone diet raspberry ketones weight loss rasberry ketone diet rasberry ketone diet ships ice cream anything smaller than the blind even if it's true I just even after many like I want me I'm I don't have that invasion %uh being fall or from Ford I'm what is his minions just need to find something or I'm a live in a small place occasions right here so it's not a far walk to go grab some food raspberry ketones diet pills raspberry ketones for weight loss raspberry ketones and weight loss ketone diet pills about raspberry ketone when to take raspberry ketone reviews on raspberry ketones what are raspberry ketones where can i find raspberry ketones %uh so that's the biggest benefit for me is having that feeling of being for after radio and it's coming out those snacks they might have it 7 pm

at night and you know that's probably the worst time to be saying anyways %uh so I found me as I the I was skeet on diet dot com up and I found it to Facebook friend just sent you the link and I jumped on the Facebook page and that's on Facebook for class raspberry diet and it was simple it was affordable and I jumped right on the bandwagon because my friend said it was great and I raspberry ketone weight loss best raspberry ketone raspberry ketones pills raspberry ketone for weight loss ketones diet premium raspberry ketone side effects of raspberry ketone reviews on raspberry ketone natural raspberry ketones 100 raspberry ketone where to get raspberry ketone ketone diet in glitter but here we are out also how they look like there fourteen hundred milligrams enough I'm because 500 milligrams is that the raspberry he told but then there's an additional nine hundred and that involves the African Mango and all the other want when you order this bottle it comes to 60 capsules suffer taking two day it'll last about a month raspberry ketone supplement reviews what is the best raspberry ketone best raspberry ketone supplement raspberry ketones benefits so having this is a simple solution to die game works perfect for me I have a laid-back life I don't like to go to the gym for two hours I don't like to plan my meals for the whole week I'll basically it's the sacking that's mostly what it is I wanna feel following prevent myself from snacking find myself in the kitchen so a defining myself eating handful the is watching a movie or it take to leave the day and simple solution raspberry ketone diet and raspberry ketones reviews

Raspberry Ketone Diet – The Fast And Easy Way To Lose Weight Using The Raspberry Ketone Diet

When I was looking for information about raspberry ketone diet, I watched some videos here on YouTube, but they all pretty much said the same thing There are 2 things you should know about ketone diet

After I started taking 100mg of raspberry ketone every day, I lost 6 pounds in the first week It's working out great! During my research, I read about liquid raspberry ketones It's quite new But, the liquid form absorption rate is 98% compared to only 20% with pills As a bonus, liquid is cheaper too

Another thing I highly recommend, is that you buy an American made product I read that many products contain chemicals and they use Chinese raspberry ketone Not good! If you want to check out the same brand of liquid raspberry ketone I've been using, you can get details at SlimmerBerrycom Anyway, I hope this helps and best of luck with your weight loss goals

Raspberry ketones side effects – Raspberry ketone pills side effects

hi my name is Jennifer you're like me well I'm you struggle to keep your weight in check Raspberry ketones side effects you probably try dozen different diet plans only right back the same way as before you start or worse well there really is hope for you I can begin right here right now I want I love fantastic Raspberry ketones side effects you product call how track rather eat now don't necessarily the same old thing it is you may have heard power Raspberry ketones side effects master chi town increase your metabolism promote Fatima alternately hull with your guy well I mean a thing if the controversial subject pleased that they're looking over this website before you decide it's not for you okay on this website you'll find lot Raspberry ketones side effects as power these diet pills and you'll see testimonials from the user's themself your the pool any statistic that back up what I say you to hand it that way that there really is how after all are you ready for change visit www dot trend that dot net and start enjoying life Raspberry ketones today Buy Raspberry ketones side Click the Link in Description!!

Raspberry ketone pills side effects (Highly Recommended To See)

my name is Ray J Clifford and I'm a professional dietician from Washington DC during the last fifteen years I spent a good amount of time researching Raspberry ketone pills side effects groundbreaking dining supplements however I haven't managed to find something more powerful and potent than rather Yukito Raspberry ketone pills side effects I strongly believe that raspberry heater is the most powerful weight loss supplement available today on the market there are tens of studies that have been conducted all across the US Raspberry ketone pills side effects in FDA approval for Tori's proving that last three key tone is extremely useful at cutting fat of Raspberry ketone pills side effects this complex compound found in raspberries has numerous benefits for your body Raspberry ketone pills side effects including an enhanced metabolism quick back burning and fat-burning protein stimulation personally i've seen hundreds of people who have managed to lose seven to eight pounds during the first week with raspberry key town Raspberry ketone pills side effects and this is the main reason why I've been recommending raspberry ke told all my patients and brands unfortunately market shelves today are filled with project Rafiki told supplements that don't deliver any results be misleading customers in South Auckland with no active ingredient so if you're fed up with scams a low quality products that promised much but don't deliver Raspberry ketone pills side effects follow these four easy but smart stop identifying real raspberry qui tam below the steps can be seen below this video to view them simply click the About button and pressed show more Raspberry ketone pills side effects

Is the Keto Diet Safe?

It's being googled a ton right now – the ketogenic diet A lot of #keto out there

Whether you're interested in women's health or men's healthIf you watch The Doctors, Dr Oz, or Good Morning America or read Time magazine or the Atlantic You cannot escape it– It's the keto diet, and it is the latest health sensation that is sweeping the nation Let's listen to a few experts on why they think this eating style is such an important one to learn Fixes F – Fats with benefits What that means

People think if they eat fat, they'll get fat They'll get that omentum that you just held up a few seconds right? It's not true It turns out that the right kinds of fats help your body in many ways

Your brain is mostly fat We're all fat heads You can tell it to the people in your life That's because we need fat to make our brain cells work If you eat beautiful, flexible fats the omega-3 oils, the fish oils, avocado, the nut, olive oils The fats are flexible–your brain can react to stresses

You can deal with and cope with issues If you eat rigid fats like the fats that are found in animal meats or fried foods, right? That's a problem because now your brain cells can't react You get depressed, more often, and you have problems with cognition The Keto Diet Many people including myself call it the Holy Grail when it comes to health and weight loss Take a look

There I am in my dressing room getting my hair and makeup done for Good Morning America while enjoying a beverage that's become my morning ritual For four months I've been on a Keto Diet I started for the anti-cancer benefits, but the byproduct–I am more fit and have more energy than ever

The Ketogenic Diet is a way of eating that prompts your body to become really good at burning fat My favorite part is it reduces hunger, appetite and cravings so you're not running your life based on when the next meal is When I first started, I kept thinking, "Oh my gosh I am going to gain weight" "How is this good for me?" Our Senior Medical Contributor, Dr

Jen Ashton is here now And so Jen talk about what being in a state of ketosis is Can you can actually show me on this board? I'm going to show you demonstration here at the largest Connect Four I've ever seen Very complicated biochemistry But if you realize that every cell in our body needs glucose to function And if you think of these green discs as carbohydrates: When we eat carbohydrates, they run right through us – they're processed as sugar

Once we cut off that supply, these yellow–representing fat We have no choice but to burn fat I love doing thatYour thighsYour thighs just fell down! To break down fat

And they make something called ketone bodies largely in the liver And that's what our bodies use as fuel I wanted to point out, I didn't do this to lose weight

I did this for anti-cancer benefits There's a lot of research on that Because I'm a breast cancer survivor, it was important to me Talk about the health benefits that come with this diet There is ongoing research in this and of course we need more good data But you're seeing things connecting benefits potentially of ketogenesis and the keto diet with everything from cancer longevity, polycystic ovarian syndrome, brain function

It's supposed to boost your brain power and energy I'm so much smarter now! You're on fire! But with anything, there are some caveats So again for for an average healthy person pretty much no downsides You can think of this as a cousin to paleo or Atkins But you have to proceed with caution

It can be challenging I think your fruits are limited, and alcohol of course is a no-go But this is a good example There is low carb wine, Jen I promise Good to know! Breaking news!

The Magic Pill: Documentary Review (includes SCD/GAPS/Paleo/Keto diet Success)

hi guys, Cara from Health Home and Happiness here I just wanted to do a quick movie documentary review of The Magic Pill that I just watched with my home-schooled nine-year-old and I absolutely loved and since Facebook live is the easiest way for me to get content to you quickly a lot of you have Spring Break coming up you might be looking for documentaries to watch with your kids or like something that you can watch to kind of encourage them to eat how you want them to eat on spring break The Magic Pill is perfect so it really advocates pretty much the GAPS diet they don't say the GAPS diet they do touch on the specific carbohydrate diet for autism in there which is amazing and like it is a magic pill I mean it's like what we eat really impacts every cell in our body and it's something that no pill or nothing can do other than changing the way that we eat um it was a facebook reader Delilah I just wanted to say thank you for she posted the YouTube trailer on it you do have to rent the video I just rented it from Amazon Prime it was like three bucks and then you have like 48 hours to watch it or something and so they talked about the ketogenic diet for autism they talked about and what I kind of loved about their stories that they showed they showed someone with I believe type-2 diabetes someone with asthma someone with cancer a couple of people with autism and someone with cancer so they talked about pretty much how this same whole foods high fat low carb diet can help so many different diseases and they talked about our food supply they talked about all sorts of different things but really it was the case studies that I thought were amazing um so they did the little girl she looked like she was probably about four when she started and just in five days they document the whole thing all the different changes that they see in this little girl when she's changing what she eats and they also talk about how hard it is to get these kids to switch over how she was eating goldfish chicken nuggets and I think SpaghettiOs they said so all processed foods all stuff that's not good for children's guts and their brain development and they show how how hard it was but these parents like they threw away everything in their kitchen I'm so proud of them and you can kind of see on them talking to the camera they're just normal everyday parents they're not super rich they're not like super health-conscious probably at first but they were willing to make this change for their daughter and I just thought that was so inspiring um if you want to see since they pretty much put her on the gaps diet which is what I did for my child also at most of my stuff is based on the gaps diet my picky eating solution it's a free webinar so if you go to help them and Happiness calm and you click up at the top the picky eating solution you can watch the webinar which is pretty much in three days like three to five days how to drain just transition your child to the GOP's diet and that one is for free I also have tons and tons of stuff on my website so if you're looking for like sensory issues getting your child on the gaps diet or sed diet or ketogenic diet my sensory issues post four that will help you with that they did but else they were showing a trial in Hawaii which has like actual doctors like neurologists following this child and Hawaii on the k2 didn't ketogenic diet and they're taking notes for this trial for using the ketogenic diet for autism and they did like this Corinne and staff and what you'll notice with both of these autism cases and this is something I come up with a lot that people say well your child's not cured like she's not a hundred percent normal but she's so much better like her symptoms are so much better and these kids like well you wouldn't say they were normal they probably still needed to have special accommodations in school and stuff just the improvement and their quality of life it's like we don't ever say like oh well because I can't afford the most expensive car and have the most luxurious driving experience I don't want to have any car at all and I've gotta go grab my kid from school on a second um but that's something that I thought was really accurate like you see a lot of the success stories and you do see some children go from like full kind of low functioning highly autistic children go to completely normal and you see those but then there's also many many many of us that we like a 50% improvement is just life-changing for our family is life-changing for their families it's life-changing for these children and it just gets that connection that we want more of the connection is what we're always going for and higher polity of life and so I really love that about their case studies that they didn't only pick the children that 100% were fixed from diet but they showed the dramatic improvement that you can see in just five I think it was five days it might have been five weeks but I think it was five days that they were on to stye it and then at the end of the documentary they do talk about joel from Polyface farms and he's all of our favorite farmer it's always good to see joel talking and documentaries and then like it kind of reinforced that everyday people can do this changes do take effort and you definitely want to know why you're doing it so I'm gonna go down below and I'm going to leave some links that I think you'll find helpful I'll leave a link to the documentary and I hope that this was helpful for you and I hope you guys get a chance to watch it it was really a great documentary

PureFit Keto Review – Pros & Cons

In this Purefit Keto review I will be giving you both the pros and cons to using this super popular fat loss supplement so you can find out whether it’s right for you or not Now please make sure that you watch this video from start to finish because at the end of the video, if you still want to get Purefit Keto, I will show you where to get it for the absolute cheapest price

Okay, let’s check out the pros of this product: Ideal Fat Burning State The quickest way to lose weight is to teach your body to burn stored body fat for energy instead of using carbs or sugar This is known as being in a state of ketosis The main ingredient in Purefit Keto is Beta Hydroxybutyrate, also known as BHB, is a powerful compound that kicks your body very quickly into this ideal fat burning state Fast Results Most people have been using carbs as their primary source of energy their entire life So even though Purefit Keto can kick you into a state of ketosis fast

It can take anywhere from 24 hours to a week to change from being a carb burner to a fat burner And once this happens, fat can seem to effortlessly melt away from your body Appetite Suppression The voice of hunger can be the downfall of many people who want to lose weight Thankfully, Purefit Keto is a very potent appetite suppressant, which can quieten even the strongest of appetites So if you constantly feel like you have to eat something, this supplement can work wonders in stopping an overactive appetite

Okay, let’s check out the cons of this product: You Need To Follow A Ketogenic Diet Some people will want to take this supplement and continue eating a highly processed, carb rich diet and expect to get amazing results Now, you will experience the appetite suppressing effects I already mentioned without following a ketogenic diet But if you want the best results, you will need to lower your carbs, increase fat, while having a moderate protein intake Overall, Purefit Keto is one of the better weight loss supplements on the market today, it will help you get into ketosis fast, allowing you to tap into stored fat for energy, suppress your appetite, and boost mental performance Now if you want to get Purefit Keto at the cheapest possible price, then click the link below this YouTube video in the description and you will be taken to the best place to purchase it

Alternatively, you can instead type the following URL into your Web browser: wwwRebelOfHealthcom/fit I hope you enjoyed this Purefit Keto review and thanks again for watching

The Magic Pill? | Incident Report 159

– [Logan] We're live – We are live, what's up, Z-Pac? It's your boy ZDoggMD, and we're live and direct outta Studio-Z with my boy, Logan and Tom

– What's up? Yo, they canceled Roseanne for being racist – What, they did, the new one? – Mm-hm, it's canceled now, yep – What? – Roseanne was racist? – Yeah, she called somebody like a monkey or something on Twitter – What, she called a white person a monkey? – Think she was black, which is why it's pretty racist – That's not okay

Anyway, so speaking of not okay, we are deluged these days with dietary fads, new diets, people saying, "This is the thing "that's gonna cure everything" we did a video about a documentary called What The Health, which purported that a vegan diet could cure everything and was the only way for humans to eat that was first of all ethical and also healthy and also cured everything from chubbiness to cancer to AIDS Well, it turns out that documentary was a steaming piece of crap, and we called it that We have nothing here at ZDogg Industries against a vegan diet It can be an incredibly healthy and powerful way to eat, and there's some evidence that it can reverse coronary artery disease in certain studies, Dean Ornish et al

See those However, the counter diet fad and documentary is The Magic Pill now out on Netflix Many people have asked me to comment on this It is about the ketogenic diet So this is a diet that is different from vegan diets to the extent that it focuses on high fat and low carbohydrate, whereas vegan diets tend to by their definition be higher in carbohydrates because a lot of vegetable matter, beans, et cetera, high in carbohydrates

You can actually do a ketogenic diet that is actually vegan as well, but it's kind of hard So, what is The Magic Pill? It's a documentary that talks about the ketogenic diet curing everything Now, we were gonna do a video where a real doctor watches The Magic Pill and take a crap on it Then Tom actually watched the video, and I skimmed through it, and I realized, wait, they actually did a lot of things right in the documentary that What The Health did wrong First of all, they said all of this is based on basically anecdote and conjecture, the studies can be looked at many different ways

Here's one look at how to look at this And so they couch it already by saying, look, this isn't 100% science, this is another way to eat Is that right, Tom, is that how you interpreted it? – I mean the What The Health thing, they were making big, bold claims, this one, at the very front, they say, listen, this is mainly anecdote And they do make some big, bold claims in the documentary Some of the claims are, for instance, they say that the ketogenic diet in the documentary can help cure, or it's looking very promising, that it can cure children with severe autism, and they show some images of non-verbal autistic children who suddenly are able to verbalize after they've been on the ketogenic diet

And I've also hear that this can be good for children with epilepsy, do you know anything about this? – Okay, so, you know, the documentary aside, let's back up and see what a ketogenic diet is Yes, it was initially sort of used in children with intractable seizures, certain types of seizures, to good effect So something about the brain using predominantly ketones for fuel, which by the way it's a myth that the brain needs, can only run on glucose, it can actually run on a ketone, which is beta-hydroxybutyrate as well, at least partially And so this idea that it helps kids with seizures was an early discovery, in the early 20th century Now let's back and say, what is this diet, and how should we be eating? Is this a magic pill like the documentary title suggests, which is a clickbait title, just like What The Health was a clickbait title, clickbait documentary

How should we be eating? So, a ketogenic diet works like this, and it's not a very complicated principle, but you do have to understand a little bit of biochemistry to really get it When human beings eat mostly fat, get most of their calories from fat, and each gram of fat is nine calories, alright? The way the the body metabolizes that is it'll break down the fat into free fatty acids and into ketone bodies, and there are two types of those, we don't need to go into the details of it, and then cells can actually use those ketone bodies for fuel, so directly getting fuel from fat, as opposed to the way that most Americans eat, which is a very carbohydrate based diet where you're using glucose predominantly directly for fuel, blood glucose that you're ingesting in the form of carbohydrates So when you switch your macronutrient intake, in other words, instead of taking in a lot of carbohydrates and a lot of protein and a little fat, you go to a lot of fat, moderate amounts of protein, and very few carbohydrates, like less than 50 grams or 20 grams a day, which is really hard to do Your body starts to shift to, instead of relying on glucose in the diet for fuel, it relies on fat It then creates these ketone bodies, that's where the term ketogenic diet comes from, so the blood levels of these ketones start to rise

You can test this by peeing on a ketone strip that'll turn black if you have a certain level of ketones in your blood, or you can do a finger stick, very similar to diabetics checking glucose, with special ketone strips that work in a regular glucometer as well, they're more expensive, and you can check your blood hydroxybutyrate levels, that's one of the ketones, and that's a more accurate measure Now, these ketones, when we talk about diabetics, when we talk about things like that, we talk about ketosis being terrible, oh, he came in in diabetic ketoacidosis, well it turns out, that type of ketosis is very different In that type of ketosis, the body makes no insulin, no effective insulin, and as a result, it cannot use circulating blood glucose, so it turns to burning fat as a way to generate its fuel needs The problem is it's unregulated fat burning, so you end up getting high levels of these keto acids, and it causes the blood to actually get acidic, your blood pH to drop, and terrible, terrible, terrible metabolic derangements to happen that get you hospitalized and can be fatal You cannot do this from a ketogenic diet, assuming you're not a diabetic

You cannot do this from a ketogenic diet So having ketone bodies from ketosis from a diet is not the same as diabetic ketoacidosis, so let's get that out of the way So why do people say this diet is a better way to lose weight, to eat, and to fight metabolic disease like cancer, diabetes, et cetera? Well, the theory that they propose is that, insulin is a problem, so when humans started shifting to eating more carbohydrates, and there's controversy about this, the paleo people will say, well cavemen ate mostly meat, and fat, and berries that were low in carbohydrates, and therefore they were the original, sort of, you know, low-carb guys, but there's debate because a lot of them ate nuts and acorns that have a lot of carbohydrates, so it's unclear what our ancestors actually ate That aside, insulin, which is secreted in response to carbohydrates in the diet including sugar, including complex carbohydrates, in itself as a hormone can cause problems at high concentrations It can cause resistance to insulin where the tissues become resistant, and you have to get higher and higher levels of insulin, and that's a problem because insulin itself is a growth hormone

It can cause tissue growth, there's a debate as to whether it causes plaque and atherosclerosis in blood vessels, and whether it promotes the development of tumors, cancerous tumors It also has bad metabolic effects So the proposal is, with the ketogenic diet, is that you actually lower circulating levels of insulin because you're relying more on fat, there's less sugar and carbohydrates that you're eating, so your insulin levels are suppressed, which allows you now to burn fat that's also, you have effectively unlimited stores of, right, whereas you only have a limited amount of glucose in storage in the form of liver glycogen, muscle glycogen, that you can burn through really quickly Here's a good example, if you have something sugary, and then you go and do, try to run a marathon, you'll hit what they call the wall in just a few miles, where suddenly you feel like you're so hungry, and you're dying because your blood sugar has crashed, because you've burned through your glycogen, you've secreted insulin, you've put all the sugar in your cells, and now you're trying to pull it out, whereas on a ketogenic diet, your actual glucose levels stay a little more constant because you're not getting these swings in insulin So the theory is that insulin is a problem, by limiting insulin, changing our metabolism to focusing on fat burning, it's more beneficial for weight loss and for metabolic health, preventing diabetes, preventing cancer, and other metabolic illnesses

Now, Tom, what did the documentary say about this in general? – Listen, you threw a lot of science at me there, Z And what I'm looking for, as a regular person, is just for you to sort of confirm my biases, because I'm on the ketogenic diet right now, and I feel great, so tell me that it cures all the cancers, please – Alright, let's back it up and talk about that, let's go straight Muggle, and you and me talking about this diet I did this diet, the ketogenic diet, high fat and low carbohydrates, for eight months, and this, I transitioned from doing intermittent fasting to the ketogenic diet I lost about 10 or 15 pounds, which for me, I weigh at baseline about 150, and I'm about 5'5", so I'm a short guy, I'm not a big guy, that's a lot of weight

I got a six-pack for a minute, I lost a ton of body fat, and I felt generally pretty good Downsides My LDL cholesterol went from around 80, which was good, to about 170, which was not good So I happen to be one of those hyper-responders where my lipid levels did not like the high amounts of saturated fat that I was eating Now when I switched from saturated fat to monounsaturated fat, like olive oil, avocados, nuts, the LDL dropped, so that shouldn't be an endpoint problem with a ketogenic diet

In other words, your lipids, most people, lipids actually might get better on a high fat diet, assuming you're picking the right types of fats, and your genetics are appropriate for this, because there's no one size fits all So the other problem with that diet was I couldn't sustain it because I couldn't eat with my family, they're big carbo, they're carboholics, but they're super thin, they have good genetics where they can just eat whatever they want, and it was starting to drive me crazy, so it wasn't a sustainable pattern for me, and I worried about my lipids, and so as a result, I switched to a more Mediterranean diet Now, here's the truth The ketogenic diet can work wonders for people, particularly with a tendency to metabolic syndromes like diabetes, and it can work really, really great, and I highly advocate it for people who it's a fit for, which means you gotta do some trial and error, talk to your doctor, make sure it's a fit, and give it a shot If it works for you, wonderful

However, a vegan diet might work equally well, or it might only work for you with your type of genetics Or any other number of diets that have these things in common What is magical about the ketogenic diet, what is magical about a vegan diet, what is magical about diets that work and are sustainable like the Mediterranean diet? Number one, there is very little refined sugar in these diets There just isn't Refined sugar by all sort of estimations seems to be, for most people, a toxin

It makes you hungrier, by secreting, causing insulin secretion, fructose itself is mostly processed in the liver, like a toxin And I don't use the word toxin lightly, because it's overused by Goop and all these idiot celebrities, it is processed like a toxin in the liver, and high levels of it can lead to insulin resistance problems, obesity, and that's partially, I think, the reason why we have an obesity epidemic is we shifted from a reasonably high fat diet to a reasonably high carbohydrate diet, particularly refined sugars in the form of sodas, and things like that, and that's been a problem So what do these diets have in common? Low refined sugars, real whole foods The one major thing that happened when I went to a ketogenic diet is I started shopping in the stores with a deep understanding of getting real food that wasn't processed, because all the processed food had high levels of sugar and crap in them that wasn't compatible with a ketogenic diet In that sense, the magical answer is, eat real food, don't get a bunch of refined sugar, and understand nutrition, know what's in your food

Understand that a can of Campbell's soup may have a bunch of sugar added, it may have a bunch of salt added, and it is not necessarily, say, a healthy thing, it's a processed food Understand that a grass-fed steak may actually be healthier, particularly if you're not charring the heck out of it on a grill and creating a bunch of potential carcinogens, but even that we don't understand about, but a real piece of meat is probably healthier than going to McDonald's and having a processed meat where they've added potentially fructose, and a bunch of salt, and a bun that's refined white bread, that's absorbed the same way sugar is and produces an insulin spike So the bottom line is, no, there's no magic pill, but there's a magic way to eat, which is real food, not a lot of processing, not a lot of sugar added, and that spans everything from vegan to ketogenic – I have to mildly push back on you and the word refined sugar because people use this to mean only white sugar, as if something like agave nectar is not a refined sugar, or turbinado, or any of these, quote unquote, "healthy sugars", you know what I mean? They're the same as corn syrup, they're the same as white sugar All sugar is sugar

– Let's talk about that That's actually a great point, Tom, thank you, so, sugar is mostly sugar So honey, which is fructose and sucrose, pure table sugar, which is mostly sucrose, drinking glucose, like the glucola they give you for pregnancy challenging for oral glucose tests, these all end up in the body mostly being transformed into an insulin spike in sugar Now the difference is with agave nectar, which is mostly fructose, since it's processed as a toxin in the liver, it actually doesn't lead to an immediate insulin spike, but there's a lot of evidence, see Bob Lustig, et al, that it actually leads to a lot of metabolic derangements, potential fatty liver, and potentially diabetes, insulin resistance, et cetera So sugar of any kind, especially added sugar, is not great

Now fructose is the predominant fruit sugar in fruit Is it bad for you, if it's a toxin? Well, when god creates a poison, he wraps it in the antidote naturally So a fruit is full of fibrous matrix, which slows the absorption, which means, and this is why vegans really love fruits, because it's actually absorbed very slowly, so you don't get these spikes in insulin, you don't overwhelm the liver's processing ability for fructose, and you get the benefits of the vitamins, nutrients, and minerals that were in the natural fruit Now what happens when people grind it up and juice it into a paste? You release all the fructose from its matrix, and that is not good That is going to lead to an insulin spike in most people, and that may not be healthy

Some people in the comments are talking about the metabolic effects of the ketogenic diet, meaning, the effect on tumors and things So the theory being that high insulin levels can be tumorigenic, they can promote the growth of tumors Again, the jury is still out, we need more information, but eating a balanced, whole food diet, without a lot of processing, without a lot of sugar in it, is probably going to be a good thing from a cancer standpoint from all the, at least the anecdotal evidence we have so far – The other point I want you to expand on, Z, is the no one size fits all because now the diet has become the new religion, and vegans use it as moral movement to galvanize people They will say things like, "How can it be that there are many different diets "for all different kinds of people "when animals, look at animals, "they all eat the same thing?" And it's like, you idiots don't realize that we all evolved in different geographic regions of the world, or what, because I'm confused

– But let's understand that food has cultural significance, it has religious significance, it has personal significance There's a lot of emotional energy tied up with food This is why anything we talk about with food will get a bunch of angry comments, and a bunch of comments that are like, "Thank you, this is the word of god" Because it's such a deep cultural thing If you look at cultures that have high carbohydrate intake, the Japanese with rice, certain parts of the Mediterranean, they still do really well

So telling people cut all the carbs is probably not the answer It's about a balanced sort of diet, and I think there are universal principles around that There is no one size fits all for every genetics Like, for example, the ketogenic diet, probably wouldn't work for me because I small atherogenic particles of LDL Now, I had no signs of inflammation, so one of the theories around the ketogenic diet is that it reduces inflammation because you're not taking in high amounts of fructose and sugar, and other sort of wheat-based products

Now again, the jury's still out on this Books like Wheat Belly and Grain Brain, it's still not clear that those are accurate in terms of wheat causing inflammation Nobody really knows, and it may be different for me than it is for you That's why trial and error, eventually when our science gets better, we can look at your genetics and other things and say, by the way, right now one of the biggest scams out there is people saying that they'll be able to test your genetics and tell you what you should eat, or what you're allergic to That is, so far, complete nonsense, right? Consumer genetic testing has its place, and we've done shows on it, but you're not sophisticated enough yet to be able to do that

So there is yet no one size fits all Anyone who tells you is trying to sell you something, or they have a religious belief, religious meaning some deep, elephant-based belief around how to eat, and you're going against it – Jeanine says, "So a fresh fruit smoothie "is not good for me?" This is one the biggest lies in the culture is, like, that people, when they have that big glass of orange juice in the morning, they think they're like really doing their body good, you know, like I'm being healthy I might have two glasses of orange juice It's like, you might as well drink a Coca-Cola, you know what I mean? – Exactly, and again, I'm gonna back down from that a little and say, look, if you want a fresh fruit smoothie once in a while, that's wonderful

You'll get the vitamins, you'll get the minerals out of it, but you will also get a big dose of sugar And if you're using it as a detox, which by the way is not a thing, if you're using it as a detox from a bad diet, no, all you're doing is adding sugar to injury If you're using it as part of a balanced diet, more power to you, and it's a way to get some fruit intake and vitamins, again, especially for people who, our, our Western diet is sort of so deficient in particular vitamins that it's good to be able to have that almost as a supplement But really just eating a balanced food diet is probably enough Now the other piece of that is, again, a lot of the commercial juicing places add a ton of sugar, and that makes it worse

Now someone asked a question, "What about exogenous ketones?" So there are people who sell packaged ketones that you could take Well, the jury's really out on that because if you're not eating a balanced diet and taking in ketones, yeah, you'll burn them, by the way, they taste like jet fuel, you'll burn them, but what is that really doing for you, unless it's part of a broader strategy you have, working with a dietician or a doctor, to do something interesting, like my friend Dr Peter Attia does with people, and he's tried those, and he said they basically taste like jet fuel – Z, let's end on this one This, for a regular person, is very confusing because you're always hearing different stuff from the medical establishment, you're hearing eggs are bad for you, then you're hearing the yolk is bad for you, then you're hearing eggs are good for you, then you're hearing don't eat bacon, then you're hearing do eat bacon

What, how do regular people parse this? What are they supposed to do, how do you find a diet that works for you when all information seems to be conflicting and nobody seems to have the right answer at the moment? – I think step one is stop watching the news about diet because anything you see on the news is suspect because it's all correlation and not causation We still do not have good ways to study nutritional effects in humans long term, period If you see a study shows some correlation, that's just what it is, a correlation People who eat a bunch of fruit may happen to have an overall healthy lifestyle, or have a genetic predisposition to living longer and liking fruit We have no idea that fruit is causal in that

So the bottom line is this, eat food, not too much, mostly plants I would actually advocate and say actually say mostly whole, natural food, that's unprocessed, without added sugar Try to avoid like a lot of white breads and easily absorbed carbs like that And just enjoy the food That's another key thing is you need to enjoy your diet, or else it's gonna be unsustainable

Those are the main things that I would advocate, and whether it's a ketogenic diet, whether it's a vegan diet, whether it's a Mediterranean diet, which is what I eat currently, and when I fall off the wagon, I gain weight really fast, and it's usually when I eat ice cream and processed food, and sugar, and go out to eat a lot because you don't know what's in your food, it's tough So that's my take-home, guys, I don't know, what do you think, Tom Hinueber? – You heard it here, guys, everything that's white is negative White bread, white sugar, white people, white privilege – I hate you so much, Tom Hinueber – [Tom] Snow, water chestnuts

– Actually, you know what, you should do a diet book called I Ate You So Much, Tom Hinueber, The Tom Hinueber Approach to Eating (laughing) – It'd be like, step one, get your McFlurry on, people, because they're delicious – Step two, toppings for the McFlurry I prefer Reese's peanut butter cups, just broken and put on top – When they used to have the Rolo McFlurry, that was the best McFlurry, I'm just saying

– They had a Rolo McFlurry? – Oh, it was amazing, yeah Go in there, get a Rolo McFlurry, McRib, pinnacle of a healthy diet, people – I love all that stuff so much, by the way that's, – By the way, this is how my food pyramid goes, Rolo McFlurry – A great take-home point – McRib, vegetables, fruits (laughing) – Take-home point, sugar is addictive

The way the McRib is set up, the way these McFlurrys are, is we evolved to crave sugar and sweet because it was so rare in nature, and if you found it, the goal was eat as much of it as you can to store it up Unfortunately in our current society that's a maladaptive evolutionary drive So we get a little burst of dopamine when we eat something sweet, and believe me the processed food guys are designing the food in a way to trigger that in you, so if you don't want to be manipulated by Big Food, eat real food, not too much, and enjoy it immensely We out