Choose the Best Bay Area Takeout Based on Your Zodiac Sign – thebolditalic

If Missouri is The Show-Me State, Leo is The Me-Show Sign. These spotlight-grabbers will be celebrating their birthdays this month, which means it will be all eyes on Leo (that is, even more than usual). The ultimate influencer star sign, Leos need food that is healthy enough to keep them looking fit for their TikTok and YouTube videos, while flashy enough to post on Instagram.

To align with their high-profile lifestyle, I chose two restaurants that are known for their healthy eats and stylish presentation.

1. Kitava

2011 Mission Street, San Francisco

If you’re wondering where to take your nephew who is allergic to everything, or your Leo friend on a diet, then look no further than this keto-friendly, gluten-free, Whole30 Approved, nut-free, refined sugar-free — you get the idea — restaurant in the Mission. This place has everything for the most finicky Leo friend-of-a-friend in your contacts list. Plus, with photogenic presentations of bright veggies and grains, these takeout dishes will satisfy the craving of any attention-hungry lion.

Order on their website for pickup or delivery.

2. The Well Organic Kitchen

5443 Telegraph Avenue, Oakland

East Bay Leos looking to detox can head over to the Well Organic Kitchen for a range of uber-healthy options. The Well has smoothies in every color of the rainbow, including dark gray with their Charcoal Coconut smoothie that has mango, banana, almond-coconut milk, and chia seeds in addition to the activated charcoal powder that gives it its healthy kick.

The rest of their menu consists of colorful grain bowls and California fusion goodies like their shiitake tacos and pickled beet congee. All menu items are marked gluten-free or vegan for easy browsing. Plus, the Well’s retail store is filled with teas and tonics, including their Mushroom Uncoffee, perfect for creating an influencer-worthy sanctuary at home.

Go to their website for takeout and delivery menus.