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As someone who’s been doing Keto for over a year and a half, I can say it’s been one of the best decisions of my life. While I wouldn’t exchange the invigorating feeling that comes with a low carb lifestyle for anything, I admit there are some things I miss. Cereal is one of them. So what are some options when it comes to keto friendly cereal?

A friend of mine who’s been doing Keto for a while now introduced me to a company called High Key. They make a variety of Keto friendly snacks and cereals. Judging by the overwhelmingly positive High Key reviews out there, I thought it was worth trying.

I reached out to High Key and they gladly sent me over 4 boxes of their cereal in exchange for an honest review.

A few things to note, before jumping right into this High Key cereal review. It’s been a almost 2 years since I’ve even enjoyed a bowl a cereal. Oh, how I yearned for the experience of crunchy cereal crisps and the refreshing chill of iced cold milk.

Cereal is usually a huge “No No” when it comes to Keto. First, most cereal is very carb heavy. Second, milk contains lots of sugar in the form of lactose. Together, they seem like the antithesis of keto friendly food. For this review, I purchased some lactose free milk to keep the sugars at a minimum.

High Key Cereal Review

Let’s start with the nutritional information first. High Key cereal is not just keto friendly cereal, it’s VERY keto friendly cereal. By that I mean, it has 0 net carbs and 11 total. Many of the other keto cereals out have upwards of 24g of carbs per serving so seeing this especially low carb count was a great sign.

Nutritional Information (per serving)

You might be wondering how High Key cereal is sweetened. This keto friendly cereal is primarily sweetened with erythritol, allulose syrup, and monk fruit extract.

The cereal comes in 4 different flavors – ALL of which are good. They are: Frosted, Fruity, Cocoa, and Cinnamon

High Key Cereal Review: Taste

I started off with their Cinnamon Keto Cereal. I grew up enjoying Cinnamon Toast Crunch and so it was only fitting to get back to my roots.

If I told you this cereal tasted amazing, it would be an understatement.

Their keto friendly cereal borders on being called “magical”….because I have no idea how they were able to deliver such a taste without adding sugar. I’ve tried other keto products that use the same sweeteners but the formulation of this cereal is ingenious.

The Cinnamon Cereal was deliciously sweet and overflowing with flavor. In my experience, many Keto cereals and snacks are understandably less sweet than their non-Keto counterparts. It makes sense. They have to reduce the sugar content and in doing so, sacrifice some flavor. However, High Key cereal is grand exception to the rule as their cereal is bursting with arguably more taste than regular cereals. I’m a grown man, but inwardly I wanted to cry tears of joy after I had my first spoonful.

Keto Friendly Cereal - Texture

This cereal also has a very natural sweetness. I’ve had my share of keto products, and nothing has shocked me like the taste of their cereal. These same words of praise can be said of High Key’s other cereal flavors which do no disappoint.

Bonus: Many Keto practitioners use this cereal to make Keto Friendly Rice Crispy Treats

High Key Cereal Review: Texture

For me, texture is just as important as taste. The texture of this cereal was exactly what I’d been hoping for. It was firm and crunchy. Other Keto friendly cereals have been known to be too porous and “airy” for lack of a better term. High Key cereal had a solid density and seemed just a tad less dense than regular cereal. It was perfect for my tastes and delivered the crunch that I’d been craving.

Chocolate Keto Cereal

This keto friendly cereal is so good that it would make for a fulfilling snack even without milk. I’ve never even felt that way about any regular cereal. I found myself snacking on a small bowl throughout the day and it was quite satisfying (perhaps due to the fact that it’s in high protein and contains MCT.)

Another positive note about this keto friendly cereal is that it’s especially high in protein.

If you’re looking for hands-down one of the best keto cereals on the market, I’d strongly recommend trying High Key cereal. Anyone who’s done keto will already know that the world of quality keto products isn’t cheap. That’s why I’m especially diligent about doing my research before spending hard-earned money on a new products. Having spent much time with this cereal, I have no hesitation saying this cereal is more than worth the money.

For me, it met all the most important criteria for a good keto friendly cereal. It’s got the taste, texture, and a non-existent net carb count. There wasn’t much more I could’ve asked for. I’m thrilled that my friend told me about High Key and look forward to trying more of their products.

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